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Fare Well Year 2006

No, this article is not about Rosh Hashanah, which incidentally just went by. So stop blowing those Shofars damn it. Now! But first let me wish my friends, both those who are Jewish by birth and those who are by nature, a very happy new year. This year, like every other year, has seen a lot of suns set. Now you are surprised that why does that warrant a blog entry and even more surprised that why the hell you are reading it. Well either Continue reading →

A Tennis Missmatch

So last night after work i was watching TV as everyone was either sleeping or working late. As I type this I can feel “Coolness” and her clingy sister “Hipness” rush out my life with all their baggage and “Mid Age” trying to force its way in. Good thing I locked the door alright. Anyways, I was surfing through the channels and I had the misfortune of watching the match between Sania Mirza and Rushmi Chakraborty (I think).Having watched Martina Hingis demolish Melinda Czink (Or Continue reading →