The violence of silence

Silence. Silence is meant to be peaceful, to be relaxing, and to be healing. It’s the cocoon to protect yourself from the chaos. The warm blanket keeping you safe from the frigid world. But just like with everything else we have learnt to misuse it. We have learn to use it to punish, to hurt, and to destroy.  The virulence of silence can be underestimated because it is invisible, inaudible and incomprehensible. Silence is not being the better person. Silence is not giving other person Continue reading →

Order! Order!

“Hey, what’s for dinner?” “Are you hungry? You better be, I cooked something special for you today.” “Oooooh what is it? Give it to me!” “Wait! First you guess what it is.” “Fine, gimme a clue.” “Okay. Only one clue. What is like a bag with meat inside?” “A body bag?” “Don’t be gross.” “A condom?” “Your mind is a fascinating place. No, it is more like a bag for the meat.” “Grocery bag?” “For fuck sake. You put it in your mouth!” “Ballsack?” “Jesus Continue reading →


Love is a strange thing. It is amorphous. It is a shape-shifter. And it is definitely not one single thing. Love is a whirlwind of feelings and emotions that is never the same, as it moves from one day to another. It’s a gust of wind born when your heart starts beating faster. It starts as a zephyr that wants to move around, picking up somethings and dropping others, as it grows and evolves. Some days it is gentle as a summer breeze and on Continue reading →

We found truth in a hopeless place

“Every belief, every considering something true, is necessarily false because there is simply no true world.” – Friedrich Nietzsche Albert Camus once, obviously absurdly, called it the greatest problem of the 20th century. Well guess what drama queen, it is 21st century now and that’s no longer a problem but the solution to life and everything else. The dreaded N-word that gets the existentialists frothing at their mouths is no longer a philosophy but a way of life. Nihilism. Also known as what-is-the-fucking-point-of-anything. Have you Continue reading →

The Lecture

Timothy, we need to talk. Are you listening to me? Timothy! Yes. I am talking to you. Stop it and sit down. Sit right there. On the floor. So I can see your face. Do you know what this is about? Stop acting like you don’t. You very well knew this was coming. More so after what you did this morning. I can’t believe you behaved like that in public.  You have no shame, do you?  Will you stop playing with that ball alone and Continue reading →