Monthly Archives: November 2006

We didn’t start the fire…

…because I was sleeping! After a long day at work, I returned after lunch and beer to my apartment. Turned on the AC, changed into shorts, fluffed up my pillow and snuck in to my comforter. Ah that blissful feeling! The room being just that bit cool and the comforter just that bit warm, a happy stomach full of yummy Chinese food and that golden glow around me that is a side effect of a few beers. I was slipping away into deep, deep slumber Continue reading →

Down with sickness

Two weeks back I had the fortune of falling sick. Yes I didn’t have to go to work for 4 full days. In between the Quack I was visiting used all permutations and combinations, giving me a different combination of colorful pills to pop on every visit till one of them accidentally did work and cured me of the jungle fever. Turns out it was my finger that was causing me so much discomfort, yes one bloody finger. Working in such a high risk environments Continue reading →