Monthly Archives: July 2008

A Worderful day

Sunday morning 9 am, I found myself sitting in a car. Not mine of course. It was raining. All around me were lush green fields, tall trees swaying in the wind and not so far away were beautiful hills with low clouds rolling between them. If you looked carefully, the hillside was interspersed with waterfalls inviting you come and take a dip. Sigh. Quoting Bono, “It’s a beautiful day”. Sounds like a perfect day for trekking right? And that exactly what I was NOT doing! Continue reading →

Running woes

Friday I learnt an important lesson. Never overestimate others. Especially at the Gym. A lot of us start going to Gym and get overwhelmed by the stuff that the regular people there do. We think they are all in better shape and are doing much more than we can; after all we are poor little beginners aren’t we? Well my friend Mr. first-hand-experience tells me otherwise. So Friday morning I reached Gym a little early as I had to reach work a little early too. Continue reading →

Height of Soredom

So you all have been wondering where is the blog I had promised at the end of my last post? Well here it is! And why wasn’t it here before? Because I was too sore and tired. And why was I so sore and tired? Gah! Do your questions ever end? Well first I need to answer another question from my last blog. In it I had mentioned some shopping I had done which I promised to explain later. Well here is the explanation. The Continue reading →

Love Me Hate Me but Work dammit!

So where was I? Oh yes the keyboard. Well as you all know, me and electronics have a long feuding history. No wait, its more of a love-hate thing. I love electronics but they seem to hate me. Every now and they connive to throw my life out of gear and I have to spend hours and hour to get it back on track. This weekend was no different. Wasn’t it a last month when my PC died on me and I needed to cough Continue reading →

Who ate my Cheese?

All 3 of them. And bacon. And ham. And 3 slices of multi-grain bread! Strange things are known to happen to me and this was one of them. Let me explain. Thursday night I was in office till 10:30. Doing what? Erm well hatching the plan for world domination with a colleague. The wheels are in motion and the world shall soon be mine. And just to quote Stewie Griffin, its cool to quote cool people, “When the world is mine, your death shall be Continue reading →