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Couple of days back at Gym another person was accused of trying to look like me. I am seriously tired of people trying to copy me. I mean whats with that really? Here I has compiled a wall of shame of those men who supposedly look like me. Jesus Christ Che Guevara Kunal Kapoor Marcelo Rios Sohail Tanvir Nirmal Pandey Mangal Pandey Jason Gillespie Some historic Poet whose name I cant remember (I was told this by a man who was so old that I Continue reading →

Finito [Part 6 of the Goa Mini Series]

So this it. The grand finale. One last tango. The swansong. The day you have all been waiting for a long time. Ladies, Gentlemen and Jhayu, I present to you the last episode of the Goa Mini Series. Yes the journey is over and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I suffered. I know you did, sadist bastards! So on the night The Reich Camp got busted by cops who saved our lives from being subjected to further torture at the hands of Continue reading →

The Reich Camp [Part 5 of the Goa Mini Series]

After a long delay finally the penultimate episode of the The Goa Mini Series sees the light of the day. There were so many issues. The award-winning scriptwriter hit the scriptwriter’s block, the amazingly awesome leading man had to scoot home, the brilliant director was dumped with more work and the brave producer was finally hit so hard by the sub-prime crisis that his wallet is in ICU for the time being. Doctors say he needs Dua and Daru. There is plenty of latter and Continue reading →