A Tennis Missmatch

So last night after work i was watching TV as everyone was either sleeping or working late. As I type this I can feel “Coolness” and her clingy sister “Hipness” rush out my life with all their baggage and “Mid Age” trying to force its way in. Good thing I locked the door alright.

Anyways, I was surfing through the channels and I had the misfortune of watching the match between Sania Mirza and Rushmi Chakraborty (I think).
Having watched Martina Hingis demolish Melinda Czink (Or Malvinder Singh as my sleepy friend heard it) I was interested in watching how her potential semifinal opponent would play.
Now when it comes to tennis I may not be Maria Sharapova, ahem, I mean Marcus Baghdatis but I know the basics of the game. Yea I went to Tennis Classes for full 2 months in college! And then it started snowing :(. And that was the end of my budding tennis career as in the following months, stuck indoors thanks to snow, I discovered much more fun things to do.

The way Sania Mirza serves and falls over in the follow through you can tell something is wrong. Why she doesn’t fix it? who knows. Anyways I am not going to discuss the finer nuances of her game in this blog.

The match started and the first set was over in a zip. 6-0 to Sania. Not that I mind but I was feeling bad for the blokes who were actually dishing out hard earned cash to catch the action live, as they put it these days. What I noticed was that Ms Rushmi was having extreme trouble in hitting the ball over the net which was full 36 inches high!!!!! Ofcourse that was a huge obstacle. Infact she was managing to hit the bottom, yes the bottom, of the net with amazing consistency. Even when she did manage to get balls to levitate and clear the net cord she just couldn’+-t get them to land in that tiny piece of land between the sidelines and the baseline, also referred to as the court. On rare few occassions when she did manage to beat the outrageous odds and hit the ball alright, the ball would get whacked back at her.
I don’t know what exactly happened in the break between the sets. Maybe Ms Rushmi’s sponsors managed to strike a deal with Ms Sania or Ms Rushmi finally did realise that the point of the whole game was to land the ball over the net and in the court, we shall never know but what we know is that the second set lasted quite longer much to my dismay. The match ended with the second set going 6-4 to Sania. And the only one to suffer more than me was the net. Poor thing was peppered with more shots than the target at a shooting range. If I was drunk I would have probably thought I was watching a penalty shootout.

You can’t really blame Ms Rushmi for losing the match. At 28, she is 9 years senior to Ms Sania and the age difference clearly showed. The way she struggled to cover the court clearly indicated a lack of fitness. I am sure 9 years back she would have beaten Sania in the match. That Ms Sania would have been 10 years old at that time is a different story altogether.

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