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Dilli Diaries – Day 1 Part 2

  Statutory Warning : This Post is *NOT* going to be funny. I cannot make fun of NJ’s wedding dammit! So finally the plane took off and I was on my way to Dilli. Things seemed to be getting better. I had aisle seat, I had plenty leg room, there was just one person in my row and he didn’t need any loo breaks, the airhostess was cute and the food I bought wasn’t too bad. Hell even the plane landing was amazingly smooth. Un-fucking-believable! Continue reading →

Dilli Diaries – Day 1 Part 1

So as you may know, or not, I was in Delhi for 4 days and whether you care, or not, I am going to blog about it. Its my blog dammit! So you better start caring or I will kick you off it, Ok? Now that we are clear on that lets proceed. So I went to Delhi. Why? None of your business! But I will tell you any way. It was NJ’s wedding! Who is NJ? WTF! You read my blog and you don’t Continue reading →


Seanday was Sean’s Birthday. How old is he? I dunno, I cant count that high! Sean has been around for ages and that’s why I call him Old man at times. But thats no excuse for not celebrating his birthday, hell we have been celebrating Jesus’ for 2008 years now and if you carbon-dated sean I bet he would turn out to be younger than that. So I started Seanday by waking him up at midnight to wish him and then hit the bed. Sean Continue reading →

Beginning of the End

So it’s a new year. Again. Year after year it just keeps happening and there is nothing you mortals can do to stop it. Hmm. Pretty useless aren’t you? Any way I am not here to talk about what I did on New Years Eve because every Paula, Nikki and Sally are talking about it on their blogs. Then what am I going to do? I am going to talk about my first day of the year, which was probably as uneventful as every other Continue reading →