Monthly Archives: August 2008

Go Fix Yourself!

I feel bad. No I really do. Just like a crack dealer who is sent to jail, I am also worried about my clients…errr fans. You see I am leaving today for Goa for a week so I am not sure how you will cope without your, erm, “fix”. All the time I will be in Goa, the guilt will remain with me. Even when I am sipping rum and coke on the beach. Or gorging on calamari at the shacks. I will genuinely feel Continue reading →

Tuesday with Jhayu

Ok its time for *that* Tuesday, that’s got Jhayu all excited. So here is to Jhayu’s 15 seconds of fame, on my blog that is. Tuesday, Twisday, Mardi, Marte or Mangalvaar, whatever you call it, Tuesday still remains a crappy day. And this week it proved to be no different. Why do I hate Tuesday so much? Well when I was kid, I grew up (despite the general consensus that I didn’t) knowing Tuesday to be the only day of the week you could eat Continue reading →

The SuperSopperMan

I know, I know I am running 13 days behind on my blog and trust me I am full of so many blogs that I am sweating blogs. But every pending blog has to wait because of this I-Day special report coming to live from our studio in Malad. Wednesday and Thursday were quite hectic days and I shall report on that later. But to give you a teaser one day was Mermaid’s birthday and she was in Mumbai and the other day was an Continue reading →

Bar hoppin’, Cop stoppin’

So finally a post about *that* Sunday. The Sunday that came after *that* Saturday and before *that* Monday. Now that I there are no doubts about which Sunday is *that* Sunday, Ill proceed with the blog. As usual, being the nice guy that I am, I had no plans to step out of my apartment and get in to any trouble. But the cosmos conspired and I found myself in, you guessed it, trouble again. So the Sunday was sneaking by as I lay in Continue reading →

An Irish soul to boot.

Its Saturday night and I am sitting at home blogging about last Saturday. Wow is that lame or what? Ya ya I know I need a life and stuff. But I am at home because I suddenly had too much of a life in last 2 months and now I am making up for it. So since it was first Saturday of the month, my alarm went off in the early morning and by the time I woke up I found myself in office with Continue reading →