Monthly Archives: November 2012

Billi Diaries Finale: The Alarm Cat Rises

All good things come to an end and so must the Billi Diaries. No, Billi isn’t dead. No, I am not out of pages either, smartass. I don’t want Billi Diaries to become another War and Peace. Or the Twilight series. As time went on Billi began to live the second of its nine lives. The life he led as ‘Alarm Cat’. The scourge of my dreams. The terror of my nights that used to come alive once the lights went out. Had he been Continue reading →

The Billi Diaries III: Gender Bender

So a couple a months passed and I resigned myself to the fact the Silver will forever be known as Billi. Not that I gave up easily. I still used to call her Silver and pretended that she responded to it, when at most I would get a twitch of the tip of the tail out of her as an acknowledgement of my existence in her world. So life with Billi, I mean Silver, was great. Everyday I would come home from office and find Continue reading →

The Billi Diaries II: Suzy to Silver to Billi

The Billi Diaries were slightly delayed due to interruptions like the World’s Costliest and Loudest Music Festival and the World’s Costliest and Loudest Festival. More on those two later. For now let’s get back to the unbilliable mistake I made. There are terrible, terrible puns in store for you if you proceed further, you have been warned. Life with Suzy wasn’t easy. She just wouldn’t listen! Before you start pointing out the obvious that cat’s don’t listen to blah blah blah….hold on, I was a Continue reading →