Monthly Archives: February 2009

Dilli Diaries Day 3

As the day 3 dawned, it dawned up on me that Niks and his family were leaving for Jaipur. So I packed my shit, by which i mena clothes and stuff, back in to the suitcase. Ok “packed” is not appropriate so let’s replace it with stuffed. I was supposed to stay with my dear friend and college room mate, lets call him Baba. So I woke up the fucker and asked for his address. Niks had called up a Cab company so a car Continue reading →

Dilli Diaries Day 2

It was a typical frigid Delhi winter morning and I was tucked away comfortably under *two* comforters. Cocooned in the warmth I was sleeping like a Sean. Then suddenly Zach started yelling in to my right ear, “Wake Up!” again and again and again. WTF? Shut up already! And just in case that wasn’t enough, Morello kept pounding his guitar riffs against my eardrums while Commerford with his booming bass and Brad with his thrashing drums tried to frighten my sleep away. Ah, I finally Continue reading →