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Trouble (verb) : Synonyms: Manik, adversity, afflict, aggrieve, ailment, anger, calamity, care, commotion, complaint, crisis, danger….

Trouble has an uncanny knack for finding me. Despite the years of my life that I have wasted in transforming from the bad boy to the good boy, I just can’t seem to avoid trouble. Either I am in trouble or I am trouble. Rant aside, so another week sneaked by me before I could even realize. To say it was a busy week it would be the understatement of the century. Actually that was a joke, why didn’t you laugh? Let’s see what I Continue reading →

A Different Life

So as you all know I switched jobs from Sufferland to P******m. It was dramatic change in my life. It’s turned my whole life upside down or should I say downside up? Let’s do a deep analysis of the same. I was leaving office after sunset now rather than after sunrise. (The sun actually is not such a bad thing after all!) I wasn’t bringing the newspaper in as I returned home from work. (Still reading it at same time though) I was drinking coffee Continue reading →

All’s well that weekends well

After 5 long days of work, where I am still struggling to learn the ropes, Friday was finally coming to an end and I was hoping for a nice relaxing weekend ahead of me. That night I was meeting some friends and then had no plans to get my butt out of my apartment for the two next days. I wanted to catch up with my long lost friend Sleep, finish up my business with The Dirty Dozen and maybe meet up with my old Continue reading →

Bloody ragged

It was the end of my first week at the new firm and I had it coming. Saturday night just before I left office, they dropped a bomb on me. It was no ordinary bomb, it was one of those carpet bombs that gets into every nook, every corner, every hole and every crevice imaginable and goes boom! But me being me, I survived to tell this sordid tale. So On Saturday evening as I was sitting down cozily and brainstorming about banner ads for Continue reading →

The Man who sold the world.

Less than a week in to my new job and I think my designation needs to be changed. Though a copywriter describes my work quite well, since every thing I write looks like a copy of everything I wrote before it, but a more creative and fitting name would an advertising poet. Yes, I am an Ad Poet. Not romantic, not beat, not emo, no none of that. It’s a totally new genre of poetry and I am proud to be the leading, and probably Continue reading →