Monthly Archives: October 2007

Fair Enough!

Is it just me or has there really been a spate of advertisements for Men’s fairness creams on television lately? Last when I counted there were four different kinds of them. And add them to the hundred odd other products trying to scrub our ladies of their beautiful golden brown complexion; you would come to believe that dark skin was a national shame or something that we Indians as a race desperately needed to get rid of. As if it were some weapon of mass Continue reading →

The No-Clear Deal or whatever is Left (of it)

In the last few months the Indian Political scene has witnessed more drama than what Ekta Kapoor could cram in to a lifetime of her soaps. The whole nation has fragmented over this issue. Everyone seems to have an opinion on it which is right and everyone else is wrong. I knew we love making mountains out of moles but such a big fuss over an atomic issue? “It’s as easy as 1-2-3”, how many times have we heard it? Well it has gone for Continue reading →

A Dogged Stalker!

Today was a dry day. No silly, the liquor shops weren’t closed, it did not rain today! Last week monsoon decided to go in to reverse gear and since then it’s been raining cats and dogs here every single day. Retreating monsoon they call it, Replay monsoon might be more befitting. Talking about dogs reminds of this incident the other night. Dogs are said to be intelligent creatures. Why? That’s something I never figured out. Let’s see what intelligent things dogs do. Sniff and hump Continue reading →

A Late Monsoon Rant/ A Late Monsoon Rant

I have a problem with the Mumbai monsoon. It never comes on time and then it tries to make up for it in one day, inadvertently my weekly off. What did you say? OK Einstein that’s TWO problems. I had said one because I thought two was too big a number for you to comprehend. Good job! You are still one brain cell away from being special. One day of heavy rainfall is all that it takes to convert Mumbai in to a modern day Continue reading →