Down with sickness

Two weeks back I had the fortune of falling sick. Yes I didn’t have to go to work for 4 full days. In between the Quack I was visiting used all permutations and combinations, giving me a different combination of colorful pills to pop on every visit till one of them accidentally did work and cured me of the jungle fever. Turns out it was my finger that was causing me so much discomfort, yes one bloody finger.

Working in such a high risk environments has its share of dangers. In between my daily chores of sitting in a chair, yelling at the techs, refreshing reports, checking logs, whipping the defaulters, having gourmet food at our beloved cafeteria, going down for my daily share of second hand smoke and wasting time I somehow managed to injure a finger. I didn’t notice it was bleeding till I got home. I did what I do any time I have any problem I don’t want to deal with, ignore it. Yes, I firmly believe if you ignore something it will eventually go away, doesn’t work very well with people though. So two days of being ignored seemed to upset my finger and when I woke up on the third day I knew I was screwed. It was swollen and the wound turned a threatening shade of yellow. And that’s the day the fever decided to make a move on me. And the slick bastard managed to have its way with me.

Stuck to bed for two days I tried to look at what positives could come out of this. From the look of it the finger appeared to be mutating into something grotesque. I starting hoping I would become the latest addition to the X-Men team. I even started listing in my head what I could mutate into, what mutant power I was likely to have and what all I could do with them. Too much time and a good imagination can never bore you! Here is a sample.

Anna Nicole Smith : The power of shattering all mirrors by merely looking in to them.

George W Bush : The power to cause severe brain damage by merely opening the mouth.

Salman Khan : The power of running lesser mortals over with expensive imported cars.

Anu Malik : Stealing the enemies master plans to save the world. Later claim them to be mine and get shot for treason.

Any Indian Politician : The power to destroy everything.

Son of a powerful, influential man : The power to get away with anything

The Common Man : The power to survive anything.

And the list goes on. Just when I had it all planned ou,t on the third morning my bubble burst. The wound opened up and started to heal. So much for all that time and energy I had invested in planning my future as a mutant. Back to being human I am back to where I don’t belong. Work.