Monthly Archives: August 2008

All Hands Meet.

So this Friday we had an All Hands Meet at work. It basically means EVERYONE gathers in a place, right from the CEO to the who-are-you. Its like a kangaroo court. The names of the accused are read out. One by one the not-so-guilty is brought before the mob. And then the lynching begins. Sounds horrific? It’s a tradition at P******m, a way to “welcome” the new employees popularly known as breaking-the-ice sessions. So in the evening it all started. We all received an email Continue reading →

Batman and Robbin’

Thursday. Just another day for lesser mortals like you. Another incident filled day for me. Something had to happen didn’t it. Actually so much has happened over past few days that I am about throw up a series of blogs but being considerate as I always am, I am going to do it slowly.So Thursday was the day me and R finally agreed to watch The Dark Knight. Don’t worry this is not a review of TDK as I have already written one for P******m Continue reading →