Batman and Robbin’

Thursday. Just another day for lesser mortals like you. Another incident filled day for me. Something had to happen didn’t it. Actually so much has happened over past few days that I am about throw up a series of blogs but being considerate as I always am, I am going to do it slowly.
So Thursday was the day me and R finally agreed to watch The Dark Knight. Don’t worry this is not a review of TDK as I have already written one for P******m and I can’t write anything that directly competes with that I write for P******m. So there, those of you who still haven’t seen it can breathe a sigh a relief. Oh by the way Rachel Dawes is ugly and she dies and Harvey Dent gets ugly and becomes Two-Face and dies. Joker gets caught by Batman. And Jim Gordon goes after Batman as he takes blame for Two-Face’s crimes. There you have it. Two and half hour long movie in 3 lines. So like I was saying this is not going to be a review of TDK.
Anyway so I went online to book tickets. For some reason it was only showing Gold class tickets, that too only 20 seats, and they were damn expensive! I was confused but my mind said WTF and I got two tickets. Now as everyone knows I am a very cool guy. Very few people have seen me get angry and even few people have seen me get mad, though even fewer survive to tell the tale of my wrath. But Thursday was a different story.
So I went to the counter 1 and told him I had to collect my tickets. He sent me to counter 4. From there I was sent to counter 2. From there I was directed to counter 3. Who of course sent me back to counter 4. $@$#$%$#@#@#@!!!! And after I screamed at them, suddenly the counter 4 guy had an epiphany and he whipped out my tickets. If the glass was not such a hard substance and I didn’t have the tendency to get hurt by sharp things, the guy would have had it.
Luckily R wasn’t there to see this ugly side of mine although she got to see the usual ugly side, aka my mug. She came and we walked in. I looked at the tickets. Screen 7??? Wtf? Since when? Actually there was a Screen 7 which said Gold Class. Now things were starting to make sense. Screen 7 turned out to be a very private kind of theater with only 20 seats, all recliners with a small pillow for I dunno what and a comforter big enough to cover my left nut….err….I mean butt.
Of course the screen was smaller but still bigger than any TV in any living room and the sound system kicked ass of my eardrums. We went through 2 popcorns and coffee all in the comfort of the recliner, though its not good if you are a talker. There is like a two feet wide chasm between seats so you would have to actually scream over the ass kicking speakers’ sound to be heard but unfortunately all 20 people would hear you too. We walked out of the movie in to a fashion store run by a company more famous for its cigarettes.
They had an interesting offer. If you shopped for 3500 buck or more you get to shop for same amount for free. Brilliant Idea considering I was having hard time finding even ONE item worth buying even with my OCTSD and all. She liked some stuff but decided to come back next day.
Then we got out and she dropped me home. In between there was this escalator incident which I think I‘ll keep off records for my own safety! Next day I found out that she managed to find 7000 bucks worth of stuff to buy from that store! The salesmen must have been damn good. But Friday holds other interesting stories to tell.

18 thoughts on “Batman and Robbin’

  • Still thinking

    At the risk of giving the venue free publicity, which theatre was this? And hell which shop is this? I need to start shopping in B’bay now. You know I need to stop asking these questions, I’ll work the net 🙂

    Hey, are you still hung or feeling better?

  • Che

    Gee I dunno what to say….thank you 😀


    Lemme give you a clue its a “Famous” chain of multiplexes and its next to my apt.
    And dear its all a part of the end of season sale crap. Whole mall is on sale and its not good for my OCTSD. It struck again :(.
    By the way that store was WLS.


    Danke 🙂

  • Jhayu

    1. You’re a fucking mean b@#$%^d. You could have put in a spoiler alert.
    2. The sound system kicked ass of your eardrums?
    3. Come on. Just tell all the little people that your pants got ripped.

  • Che


    1. Never denied it.

    2. You have go watch a movie there to realise what I mean.

    3. No, nothing remotely fun like that happened.

  • Sree

    There are theatres with such facility now? Wah…I must have missed out so much of years…ot something.Good that the guy in you was not hurt etc for a silly ticket.Customer service sucks in India!
    Where to find ur Haiku?

  • Che


    Oh yes such theaters are mushrooming here. Niche market driven.

    For my haiku look up the post called the man who sold the world 🙂

  • Quicksilver!

    I hated the Dark Knight. Very overrated. I’m getting quite tired of a Batman who just cannot seem to make up his mind! And about the coin thing? Lifted straight from apni Sholay!!
    You’ve summed it up perfectly!!!;)
    And yes!Rachel Dawes!! What were they thinking when they cast her?????????Or were they thinking at all!!She looked like eveyones grandmother!

  • Che




    You hated it? I thought it was pretty alright thanks to Ledger. But yea I hate Bale in this one.
    Haha I dont remember my grandmother but I doubt she was as ugly as Rachel.

  • Jhayu

    @ Quicksilver:
    As a DC fan, I have to butt in here. The coin tossing thing is taken directly from the original comic. It was adapted slightly in the animated series, but only to the extent that Two-Face scratched out one side of the coin himself.

  • Zubin

    Pillows..?? :O
    Whats next? Vibrators..?? :d

    And it was not about the batman anyways..I was rooting for the Joker all the time.. :d

  • Tazeen

    //Thursday. Just another day for lesser mortals like you. Another incident filled day for me.//

    This has got to be the best line I have read in the day (Dont look too smug, i have been reading the publication finance report since i came to work).

  • Che


    take heart, you have already improved your reading tastes drastically by reading my blog 😛

    Finance reports, ooh yay, sounds about as my fun as the other report i used to read, my report card.


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