Monthly Archives: September 2008

Monday [Part 1 of the Goa mini series]

I have to start this one with 2 announcements. One, yesterday was Jhayu’s birthday. He is one year closer to hitting puberty. Two, from now Lil Nat will be known as Bunny Singh. Now that we have these out of the way lets get started people, what the hell are we waiting for? Well this part as you can read clearly, if not get your eyes checked, is supposed to tell you what I did in Goa. But it won’t. Then why the fuck am Continue reading →

I am back!!!!!!

So did you miss me? Wait wait wait. Your options are: a) Yes! Yes! Oh Yes! b) No. I mean I was sad you werent here but I knew you deserved this break and needed to have fun so I was happy for you (Awww) c) I am so happy I am speechless! d) I love you Manik!