An Irish soul to boot.

Its Saturday night and I am sitting at home blogging about last Saturday. Wow is that lame or what? Ya ya I know I need a life and stuff. But I am at home because I suddenly had too much of a life in last 2 months and now I am making up for it.

So since it was first Saturday of the month, my alarm went off in the early morning and by the time I woke up I found myself in office with a cup of coffee in my hand wondering WTF as usual. However since our director was still recovering in ICU from because he got too close to a mosquito for comfort, there was no meeting to discuss the numbers. Pretty much sat around killing time till someone decided to play cricket, yes we keep a bat and ball at work!
So played cricket for a bit. Then came back to find some guys playing counter-strike. One of them asked me if I wanted to join them. Wrong question Dude! Its been a long long time since I had cleaned myself of CS but the temptation was too much. Soon I found myself immersed in it kicking some ass or should I say blowing some heads off. Actually all guys playing sucked at it except Coffey, so it wasn’t that hard.

Soon I got a call her NJ. She was in Malad and wanted to meet up. Gah! I was in Santacruz, where she stays, and she was in Malad, where I stay. This was complex. She didn’t expect me to be at work on Saturday. Well neither did I. I was supposed to go to a book fair with Yo and his girl but I rushed back to catch up with NJ and her fiancé, whom we shall refer to as Mr NJ though his name is NN I think.

I met NJ and Mr NJ at this food place in the mall next to my place that is famous for its cuisine based on this super fiery African chilli. From there we came to my apartment where they tried the Green Fairy and I opened a box of that wonder called Anthon Bergs.

Flashback. On Monday I had got a message from NJ to drop by for some Irish Cream. How could I have said no to alcohol? I mean I hadn’t seen her in a long time so I had to see her! So I dropped in to her apartment which is not too far from P******m office. There was someone sleeping in the living room whom I woke up by announcing my arrival with the loud door bell. She turned to be her new roommate. Forgot her name. Something like Akriti or something. NJ was just back from Ireland, god I hate her job, and she showed me lovely pics of Ireland. Ah look at those lovely bars with Guinness on tap. I would fit there perfectly! They love meat and potatoes and Guinness. No wonder my friend Becky used to say that I have an Irish soul. After that NJ shared some lovely Bailey’s Irish Crème and some cake with us. In return I had to sit through Juno, which was pretty alright for a chick flick. Then I left home in the company of a shot glass and a box of heavenly Anthon Bergs.

So it’s the same Anthon Bergs. *Hint* I love them and anyone who can get them for me *Hint*. So moving on, after they left I called up my favorite couple, S and A. Turns out they were in the mall near my place to watch a movie and to my utmost disappointment they had found a replacement third wheel! *sniff*. Third wheel is a post I have holding on to proudly for all my friends who are couples for such a long time now. But now I have competition! Well that was all that happened on Saturday. Sunday on the other hand was a different day altogether.

21 thoughts on “An Irish soul to boot.

  • Jhayu

    1. I’m drawn to wonder… “wondering WTF as usual” I’m guessing that happens to you like 15, 20 times a day?

    2. Hurry up and get to Tuesday!

  • Che


    Yes. In fact more often than that. Everytime someone asks me something or tells me something or talks to me about something and so on

    Ah well just sunday to go. Monday wasnt much to write about.


    You dont like chocolate or you dont like liqueur or both? If you get some please feel free to send them my way.

    Oh yea saving some life for upcoming trips to ***.

  • Still thinking

    For a while there I completely got lost and thankfully by the end I got the story right. What’s wrong with me these days?

    Do you really like Baileys?

    The only think Irish I like is their accent. Now I’m really curious about Tuesday, please do update 🙂

  • Che


    Ah well every one isnt very good at time traveling and this blog required lots of it.

    Well Baileys has alcohol. Does that answer your question :). Besides it tastes good and goes down easily.

    Oh hell no, Irish make the best beer in the world, atleast according to me, though the belgians and germans will beg to differ.

    Well well you have to wait for the sunday update first 😛

  • Still thinking

    Point 1 totally agree and I quite like the travel thru’ ur blog.

    Baileys tastes like milk, so for me it’s no alcohol. I’ll put a bit of it in my B52 though 😉

    Have you tasted Swiss beer? Irish do not stand a candle :p

    Alright, I’ll wait for the Sunday update, if u insist.

  • Che


    Bailey tastes like cold coffee with liqueur, its tasty but ofcourse its weak. Bailey’s is best used in Irish Car Bombs.

    Never had the luxury of trying a Swiss beer but I bet they arent dark, I like my beer dark aka Guinness and Boddingtons (for those who think Guinness is too bitter this is a good alternate).

    Sunday update will come and so will tuesday. patience people patience.

  • Che


    Nah there is a lil bit still left. maybe 4-5 shots worth of it.

    Half the people are too scared to try it and rest are too scared to try it too much.


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