Go Fix Yourself!

I feel bad. No I really do. Just like a crack dealer who is sent to jail, I am also worried about my clients…errr fans. You see I am leaving today for Goa for a week so I am not sure how you will cope without your, erm, “fix”. All the time I will be in Goa, the guilt will remain with me. Even when I am sipping rum and coke on the beach. Or gorging on calamari at the shacks. I will genuinely feel bad and try to have lot of fun to forget it I promise. Because I know you all want me to have loads of fun after all that translates in to more blogs, right? So before I leave, being the considerate guy that I am, I have decided you give you this blog. This one is to all of you!

Saturday. Last day of the week. First day of the weekend. And so on. On Saturday I was supposed to go and watch a funniest horror movie of recent times, of course by RGV, along with some fellow P******mers. But PTG had to go for an MRI scan as she lost her senses, though they were later amongst the bikes at the smoking place. So the movie was canned. Later on I had to go for Caferati meet at P******m. I am not gonna explain Caferati again. I have done it twice. Google it!

Reached the Caferati meet. Around 20 people showed up. Lots of newbies. People read out poems I can only dream on writing. Which reminds me that I haven’t written any since March. Good for the world! I read out a blog, yes I didn’t poem them this time, and got some useful feedback. In short, rant less, be more funny Ate some yummy Samosas and Cakes. They are motivation enough to make it to Caferati meet everytime!

Post the meet headed to the most over hyped food place ever. Prithvi Café. Met NJ, Mr NJ and NJ’s cousin whose-name-i-don’t-know. Prithvi Café has a weird rule. You cannot order food unless you have a table, and for an open restaurant that is really stupid. Really really stupid. In fact its pure WTF! The play was supposed to start at 9:30 and we, instead of queuing up for a better seat, were queuing up for a table! Yes like the local trains and the BEST buses, they don’t believe in numbers.

Finally we got a table, ordered, ate and paid. Got in the queue but it was already too late. We got the seats on the left side of the stage. Oh we were joined By NJ’s friends Pattu, Sid and another guy-whose-name-I-don’t-recall. The play was called All About Women and correctly so. It only had women in it. And damn pretty ones. Oh and play was nice too.

Post play we had dinner at Alfredos/Temple Flower and few Carlsbergs. Over dinner learnt about a beer called Dansberg, owned by our very own Bollywood star DD. Unfortunately to drink it would require a trip to south east. Oh crap I am out of time. Time to leave for Goa. My prayers are with you all. Be strong and I am sure you will make it through this week without much problems. And like Arnie said, “I’ll be back!”