The SuperSopperMan

I know, I know I am running 13 days behind on my blog and trust me I am full of so many blogs that I am sweating blogs. But every pending blog has to wait because of this I-Day special report coming to live from our studio in Malad.

Wednesday and Thursday were quite hectic days and I shall report on that later. But to give you a teaser one day was Mermaid’s birthday and she was in Mumbai and the other day was an Open Mic night organized by the-magazine-that-gathers-no-moss. But yesterday was I-Day and this blog is all about that. No no no I am not going to get all patriotic and write a moving blog on the “I” part, I am just gonna stick to the “Day” part.

First of all a belated happy I-Day to all those who swear allegiance to the tricolor and a belated belated I day to those who swear allegiance to the green side. As for those who swear allegiance to the red side, your time will never come and those who are on my, I mean the dark side, need not worry as the world will soon be mine. (PS: Soon is measured in lightyears.)

Well the day started as usual with me in bed wondering why my phone was ringing at 8:30. It turned out that SU was on the way to our place on her way to work. Not a bad way to be woken up as at 9 am the building next to decided to go all patriotic on my me. Such an awesome display of patriotism probably puts them above me in the list of people to get Bharat Ratna.

SU came with some Goan food that Zombie remembered to bring back for us. She was going to work and it was I-Day theme day so Sean painted a tricolor flag and a tricolor peace symbol on her arm…with an earbud! All patrioticized and stuff she left for work while we suffered through children’s singing contest, dancing contest, a round of housie and musical chairs courtesy our neighbouring building society.
C dropped by for few minutes and he finally got us our paint brushes back. We had the Goan food and then he left. And I moved back to my original pose in my bed. Around 4 pm A, of the S&A; fame, called me up. S&A; were in the mall across the road so I joined them there for a cup of black coffee. I felt so happy to be back in my privileged role again.

The whole mall was on sale but despite the OCTSD I didn’t buy it. We headed to Crosswords. I wanted to pick up The Great Railway Bazaar but as usual they didn’t have only* that* Theroux title. But it was a sale and I picked up The Blue Hand, On The Road, Uncut Woodstock DVD and The Times 2 Minds puzzle book. And this was not OCTSD at work as books and movies are never a bad purchase. Well apart from that Opal Mehta book I bought. Then I remembered I wanted to buy sunglasses since I lost my old ones.

The problem with me you see is that I can’t just buy any sunglasses. They have to be perfect after all I have to make appearances in them. Sorry but, no matter how much they are in fashion, I can’t see myself wearing those huge glares that look more like a face protector out of 300. We had pretty much decided on the black aviators till I tried one from KC that looked just like the ones I had lost.

Suddenly some switch flipped somewhere in the world and S&A; no longer thought aviators looked good on me, they found the KCs to be much better. My problem with them was that they looked just like the THs I had owned for 3 years. It’s like spending money on a boob job and coming back with same boobs. I mean what’s the point?

So the hunt for the perfect sunglasses continued. And we did find one. Well almost. There were these sunglasses that were damn neat. I loved them, till I tried them. I mean they looked great on me but there were two problems with them. One, they cost a little northwards of my budget, if my budget was southpole their price was like northpole. Two, the proud designer had decided to etch his initials GA on the sides with crys-fuckme-tals. Ugh! I mean seriously they should move it to women’s collection if they expect to sell them. What a shame that I am no hip-hop type to fall for the ice and bling crap.

Maid decided to free herself from her daily work schedule so I bid adieu to S&A; and went to pick up some “authentic” mughlai food. As I neared the mall exit I knew I was fucked. I could see a huge crowd standing there and not moving. Obviously there wasn’t a war going on out there but something much worse, rains. Cursing myself for forgetting my raincoat, I waited patiently for two minutes till my patience ran out. I put my cell in one of the plastic bags and decided to continue.

To say it was raining would have been an understatement. It felt more like walking through a waterfall. So I walked in the rain past people piled up under shelters, who looked at me with the same look of bewilderment they usually reserve for Superman. It took me 5 minutes to reach my apartment but by the time I got there I was like soaked mop. Needless to say I quickly stripped and got in to towels. And stayed that way till we were through with the 3.5 hours of Woodstock and the cold had set in.

40 thoughts on “The SuperSopperMan

  • Still thinking

    Is is my day or what? or just proves a point I have nothing better to do than wait to write comments.

    Hate the cold for making you get out of ur ‘Saawariya’ dress code! or did you resist? 😛

  • Che


    My analogies are *never* about me they always about someone.
    Come it will young paduwan.


    Look at the timings! It was photo finish 😉
    Well my favoritest dress is in the world is a towel only. Clothes come out when people ring door bell or when I have to leave.


    Oh boy I dont know whether to be flattered or scared, very scared 🙂

  • Sree

    I’m kinda getting used to your life now :p
    Once you opt for a boob job,it will never be the same Che.It either goes front way or side ways or omg-cover-me-up way.Something like that.
    I like shopping for sunglasses and posing infront of the mirror.Have you tried the Elvis kind?Should.
    And why didnt i see ur update before when i was sittin bored n looking.

    Well..good day.

  • Che


    damn, i havent gotten used to it in 26 years and you did it in a month!

    Well I didnt do as much research in boob jobs but ill take your word for it.

    Haha elvis kind? Like I said I need sunglasses and not helmet visor.

    If you were counting on blogroll then dont, its usually broken.

  • Preeti

    oh god… so no glares, ha…? all that work and prancing in the rain, and catching a cold….for nothin?

    crystals might look good… you never know…

    rains … ha ….wait till you hear my story….

  • Che


    Yes life can be unfair at times even for the best of us. I mean me.

    Crystals might have looked good if I was a wannabe page 3 socialite trying to tell the paparazzi where to find me.

    Ill wait for your story, where is it?

  • Preeti

    “It’s like spending money on a boob job and coming back with same boobs. I mean what’s the point?”

    Only YOU can come up with such a fantastically funny analogy…

    i am wondering what inspires you…? you almost take ‘witty’ to a metaphysical dimension …

    Oh my God im sounding like a bloody groupie…

    chee chee…

    Che please stop writing … ha ha ha ha…

  • Che


    Wasnt that hard. Isnt that *ALL* men are supposed to think about? So I guess my…err…manhood is my inspiration?

    Do you really want me to? 🙁

  • Preeti

    no never…never stop …
    all spice would vanish from life…

    and i am not even going to think of commenting about your manhood…

    ha ha ha ha….

    i dearly regret asking you that question… should have expected a rejoinder of this sorts from you…

    and i am glad for that disclaimer…

  • Che


    talking of safe, i even tried a pair which was supposed to be bulletproof!

    green lens with golden frame…err…
    a big no no on me…I look like I am out of some south indian flick. I was trying the all black one.

    I just looked in the mirror. I dont exactly look like tom cruise unless you are talking about Last Samurai 😛

  • mystiquedew


    how can do that…???u started with children singing “Maa tuje salam” moved to crystall-ed sun glasses in the rain jumped into a towel and ended with pneumonia…*zapped*

    Hilarious…hahahhahahhaha 🙂

  • Sree

    My morning coffee got cold reading the commets above that bombarded my inbox.I now knowthe meaning of textual offender.

    Offending can sometimes be a good thing 😀

  • Che


    Well I cater to all kind of women err i mean audience…

    blog woman blog! go watch another crappy movie 😛


    Aw sorry about your coffee. These days I making everything go cold. be it coffee or women 🙁


    What to do, women dont like loser do they? Anything for women…i mean win!

  • Che


    Ah I am always glad to enlighten people.

    Hmm well yea you dont have any other option, Phoonk is releasing only on weekend and I cant wait that long!

  • Ekta

    my god!!….i dont think even a women wld be sooo particular abt sunglasses!
    but its nice to see men who care abt these finer details abt their appearance…!

  • Che


    Why talk about history?
    Do people still do that these days?

    On a serious note I would pledge my allegiance to humanity if there was any left.

  • Richa


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  • Che


    “I read your blog posting and found them very interesting and informative”

    Ha! LIAR! That shows how much reading you did at my blog. Interesting and Informative. I say Blasphemy!


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