Dilli Diaries Day 2

It was a typical frigid Delhi winter morning and I was tucked away comfortably under *two* comforters. Cocooned in the warmth I was sleeping like a Sean. Then suddenly Zach started yelling in to my right ear, “Wake Up!” again and again and again. WTF? Shut up already! And just in case that wasn’t enough, Morello kept pounding his guitar riffs against my eardrums while Commerford with his booming bass and Brad with his thrashing drums tried to frighten my sleep away. Ah, I finally realized, it was my alarm!

I finally pushed my hand out to turn off the alarm on my phone and quickly pulled it back in as Jack Frost tried to bite it off! I realized there was no fucking way any one was going to get me to throw off the comforters. I turned on the TV. Every channel was fuelling rumors of a critical fuel crisis! Hell, they got me panicking too. Then I had an epiphany. WTF! I don’t even own a vehicle!

Finally the maid arrived with tea. Niks reminded me that I was running late for NJ’s wedding. Oh shit it was 7:30 already! I hurriedly took a shower, which given the weather conditions wasn’t really hard to do. Changed in to jeans, t-shirt and a jacket and left.

I arrived at the venue just in time to see people sit down for breakfast. Crap! It meant I missed the wedding!!! The entire Mumbai group was there already. Luckily for me NJ was in a bliss, being freshly married and plus her being in a sari ensured that she didn’t open a can on whoop ass on me. Needless to say that she was looking really beautiful in her sari. She even had a huge bouquet like thing tied to her hair for some reason. The flowers were so fresh they started attracting bees!

DSC00612 (Small)

For breakfast I gorged on hot dosas and drank some amazing yum filter coffee. I love the South Indian filter coffee, its just too good.  We had barely finished breakfast when they declared it was lunch time. WTF? Needless to say that despite the sumptuous spread laid out on a banana leaf, I could barely eat some of it. And what I ate, I had no clue to what it was either. And pretty much all of it had coconut, lots of it.

Somewhere in the middle of it all a Gentleman walked up to me and said, “You have long hair, you have a beard.” Not shit Sherlock! Then he proceeded to say, “Then you must be a writer.” WTF? I was tempted to point at a girl, who i know is a writer, and say “Look she has no beard!” but then it would have been too mean, Seriously WTF is with the generalization. You cant club me with the mortals. Beard and long hair my foot! Going by that Jhayu is almost a  writer too!

Fast forward to evening when we all got ready to attend the north indian style wedding. This time I made no mistake. White shirt, black trousers, black shoes, yes no boots but proper shoes, a black tie and a grey jacket. You don’t think that’s formal enough? That’s about as formal as I can get dammit. Niks was all suited up. We met Birdie outside the complex and headed to meet the lovely couple we call BhAnchu in affection. So Bhanchu left their lovely baby boy home and we proceeded to the wedding venue. 5 of us in 3 cars. Yes 5 people in 3 cars. Yes Yes 5 people in 3 cars. Obviously the fuel crisis was over by then.

This time we reached the menu right on time, I mean the venue right on time. By which I mean just in time to see the baraat walk in. Had to be the smallest baraat I have seen all my life. When someone in my family gets married, our relatives, long forgotten or long thought to be dead, suddenly appear out of no where and you have like 800 people in the baraat. 800 people is NOT a baraat, its a fucking political rally!

Tanno madam hadnt still left home while we were sitting comfortably in the nice warm banquet hall hogging on, yes you guessed it right, starters! Tanno, Kabira and all dropped in soon. NJ turned up in a beautiful red and green dress looking like a doll. One of these days when I am not so lazy I just might upload the pics for you all to look at and Awww over.

Finally met Satty after 2 years, during which we weren’t even on talking terms. It was great to see him again. he gave me a huge bear hug and all the awkwardness disappeared. This was probably the best moment of the whole trip for me. We caught up on life and stuff. Dinner as usual was lavish. I gorged on Ras-Malai. It was out of this world. Yum!

So this was the end of yet another non veg and alcohol free night in delhi. How boring right? Well the next 2 day turned things around on their head. So stay tuned for the next update

25 thoughts on “Dilli Diaries Day 2

  • Jhayu

    Dude, razais! Not comforters.

    And WTF do you mean almost a writer? WTF???

    And by when should we expect this next update? Next year, perhaps, if we’re lucky?

  • Che


    My fans are all over the world, cant alienate them 😛

    You know what i mean 😉

    Well well well from how things are at work…


    Aww are you jealous of Jhayu or concerned about his bad luck!

    Arre this is how I look. And i call it the terrorist look. Gunda look is Mithun Da’s copyright.


    Infected by me?
    Oh so now i am a virus!!
    Aww thats so sweet. I win hands down. but what do i win :-/

    yea Mallu/Jain wedding. very interesting!

    PS: Onlyfueliuseisrum

    @Runny again!:

    Oh entertainment is bound to come, I cant survive for 3 days without it.


    Oh wait till i start about the punjabi wedding then!
    Well hire me and I will blog all day 😛

  • Che

    @Over rated:

    Yea height of deprivation!
    No no dont worry I set the record right 😉


    the rate at which i am updating it might last me a year! hope not.

    Yes yes, a carnivore foodie like me in a city like new delhi eating plants??? not happening!

  • Deepali

    A wedding at 7 AM is just criminal man.

    I think in our family (distant even) the maharaj is always asked for evening mahurat. I think most sindhis do that. There can’t be a wedding without some partying right away hehe.

  • Che


    7 am on a typical Delhi winter morning is cruel cruel cruel.

    If i am ever tricked in to marrying I will make sure I get married at 5 am in north indian winter so everyone suffers


    I have every right to be cheeky!
    Apparently skinny me has very pinchable cheeks 🙁
    Ok so I am now runninder certified best 😀

    PS: yepkeepsmegoingonandonandon

  • Running in circles.

    Whoah whoah whoah
    Whats with the runninder runnisaurus and runnazoid and runnazax and runnisma runnesh
    All of those are mine
    iAdds all that too peepuls names 🙁

    The bunny is cute, i ate it 😀
    Besides bunnies reproduce a lot 😐

  • Che


    I does it too.

    *poke* *poke* *pokemon*
    You ated the bunneh 🙁
    Bunnies know whats the real purpose of life 😛

  • sanely insane

    reading the first half of the post was tempted to mention that thats why we north indians have wedding in civilized evening hours…whoever gets up in the morning to ‘get married’…least of all force others to do the same to attend their marriage…point to note…avoid making single south indian friends 😛


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