Dilli Diaries Day 3

As the day 3 dawned, it dawned up on me that Niks and his family were leaving for Jaipur. So I packed my shit, by which i mena clothes and stuff, back in to the suitcase. Ok “packed” is not appropriate so let’s replace it with stuffed. I was supposed to stay with my dear friend and college room mate, lets call him Baba.

So I woke up the fucker and asked for his address. Niks had called up a Cab company so a car was waiting for us. So I dropped Niks at the Bus stop and headed to Gurgaon. Now Gurgaon is to Dilli what Navi Mumbai is to Mumbai. Or at least the DLF city is. Reached DLF Phase 1 and then started looking for his house. I had the house number and of course I knew their names but surprisingly the house had neither on outside. But since I am so amazingly intelligent I spotted the number on the next house and the problem was solved. I am too good.

Met Baba after 4 years! Let’s forget about him for a bit and talk about the house. Oh what a house! Totally fucking amazing. Lots of wood. Lots of marble. Lots of Space. Just perfect. I could go one writing thousands of words about it but since pictures speak a thousand words I will put up a picture someday. Oh yea Baba. Same old bastard.

Met his parents after like 6 years. Obviously they remembered me. Its just not possible to forget someone like me right? The whole house was abuzz with the Baba’s wedding things. He was to get married in Feb and of course I was invited to the big, fat punjabi shaadi!

There is road in Gurgaon known as the Mall road. Why? Because there is a mall on it. So? And there is a Mall opposite it. So? And there is Mall to the left of it and a mall to the right of it and a mall to the left of the mall to the left of it and a mall to right of the mall to the right of it and so on. Yes its like an aisle of malls. Fucked up innit?

Any way we went around looking for some stuff he wanted to buy for his home. Every fucking thing was on sale! I had really hard time keeping OCTSD under control. There we also went to a restaurant called Rodeo for lunch. As soon as I picked up the menu, I was pretty much drooling all over it. Good thing it was laminated or I would have chewed it too. MMMMMeat! Yum Yum. We started off with Nachos and Salsa. For main course he ordered Chicken Enchilada while I went all out for a steak. I wanted meat dammit, without any adulteration like tortilla or rice involved. And we washed the meal down with a couple of beers. Ah good old healthy lunch again!

Post lunch we went back to his place and watched “In Bruges”. The movie’s dialogues must have been written by a Sailor! Enough profanity to make me look like Jesus Christ. After the movie we went to a market near his home where I ate some amazing seekh kababs. Came back and got ready for a farm hour party. Or as Baba would say, “ its time to partaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”

Farmhouse party meant it was supposed to be in open. In this weather. At night. WTF? If that isn’t nuts then what is? I wore a cotton full sleeves t-shirt, a shirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket. We drove to the farm where I met so many people that I had never known in my life. And I still don’t know them. They were all kids 22-24 years old. All from well to do families as evident from their cars and their suits!

One thing I observed at the party was the delhi girls don’t feel cold. The dresses they were wearing on a cold dilli winter night would have made a Mumbai girl’s summer dress look like a Burkha. I am serious! It was insane. My hand were cold and there were legs and there were bon fires. Despite many glasses of alcohol being inside me, I wisely chose to warm my hands with the bonfire. Oh and did I tell you I ate kathi rolls there too. So that was my day 3 in Delhi.

What do you mean you want to know more about the party? Like I said it was full of kids and obviously the music sucked big balls. All bollywood dance numbers for them to gyrate too. They danced and I drank. It was a great arrangement. Around 2 am we left the party. I went to sleep at 3 only to be woken up at 7 when my phone rang. Who else but Bunny Singh. What happened next to follow next week probably.

23 thoughts on “Dilli Diaries Day 3

  • Che


    Well dont start counting your lucky stars. Only reason I managed to update so fast is because I have been in office for last 21 hours 😛

  • Quirky Indian

    Took you a friggin’ month to get to Part 3!

    Excellent observation on the the immunity of Delhi girls to cold….went to a similar New year’s bash some years ago. My date and I were appropriately clad, given the season and the temperature. There were a few guys in jackets, so I didn’t feel ‘alone’, but every single girl was almost clad for the beach! I had one unhappy date, let me tell you. All my trying to perk her up with statements like “hey, you’re dressed sensibly” and “they’ll fuckin’ die of pneumonia” didn’t salvage the evening for her. We both got plenty drunk though. 🙂

    Quirky Indian

  • Still thinking

    While I reached the 5th para I’ve no idea what seemed to happen all of a sudden – I’m smiling one of my best smiles and just want to hug you! Why? None of your friggin business, just ‘hug’ me back!

    Btw, don’t you fall in that ‘kids’ category too? :p

  • Che


    I had to for the safety of rest of the world!


    A little older and I would be declared a new species of dinosaurs.
    stereotypes are about as outdated as stereos 😛
    Dont worry i can never accuse you of being a feminist any more than you can accuse me of the same.


    Oh dont even get me started on what I have been doing for last one month. It would make War and Peace appear to be mildly amusing.
    Well I do have excellent observation when it comes to women.



    Kid and me? are you kidding me?

  • Running in circles.

    Well too bad, ummpf, there was this really cool purple dinosaur called Dhanoo or something in a hindi dubbed english cartoon.
    Dinos are nice, I like polar bears more though.

    You secretly want to be feminist dont you 😛

  • Che


    Purple dinosaur? Reminds me of Death to Smoochy!
    In few years when all my hair turn white I could be an anorexic Polar bear!
    If that would save me from wrath of women then yes why not 😛

  • Running in circles.

    Why is it less strenuous that way 😛
    Or would you just rather not pamper a woman 😛

    No no, polar bears are warm and fuzzy and broad shouldered and they have a sad bum but a really cute tail ok?
    I have one even :O
    But they kicked me out from the north pole cause I have a cuter tail place but no tail !
    Anyway nvm that?

    Death to Smoochy haha
    I think I’d say I like throw momma from the train the best
    But then again are you going to give us drunk stories 😛
    And some laughs 😛

  • Che


    You obviously havent experienced the hatred that a woman can have for a guy 😛

    fuzzy – check, sad bum – check, rest no go. oh well so I will not be a polar bear after all 🙁 but i like fish. yum!

    “cuter tail place but no tail” umm…hmmm…

    Throw Momma from Train? tsk tsk you got your movie choices all wrong! Obviously you havent seen amazing movies like Gigli!

    You want stories? get me drunk 😛


    what! I just reached day 3 and you want me to stop writing already 🙁
    fiiiiiiiine just one more day 😛

  • Running in circles.

    I am a woman.Just in case 😛
    I can more than gauge the intensity.

    And I didn’t mean Affleck, he was in Gigli, I talk about Danny DeVito , his movies.

    Didn’t your delhi package I subscribed for include drunken stories :X

    Everyone can tell stories when they’re drunk 😛
    Try the other once or try the best 😛


  • Che


    Really? Ok fine I will take your word for it 😛

    Mr Ramadoss has instructed the I&B; ministry to censor my blog as it promotes alcoholism 😛

    But the stories will trickle in any way.

    When I am drunk i dont tell stories, i make stories that i can tell when I am sober!

  • Running in circles.


    When I’m rich enough, you’re invited to my ambrosia liqour bar where you can jacuzzi in rum and drink swim and other unmentionables and ok shooo 😛
    Other details after plans finalize 😛

  • sanely insane

    yeah in bruges…wierd movie…i almost gave it up for its slowness…but it caught on in the latter half with content to make up for the lack of speed in the first…mental note..do not go to silly european cities whose main point is the quietness…

    delhi girls yes…another topic another time 😛

  • Che


    ooooooooooooooh i likes unmentionables.
    Is rum good for my skin?

    @sanely insane:

    I didnt finish the movie 😡

  • Running in circles.

    Yes indeed rum stimulates the brain cells like no other.
    Through the pores of your skin even.
    Even if your neighbor smells of it, you can feel dizzy by its smell.
    Nice dizzy.
    If you like rum enough that is 😛

    But you can like it and still be cool,ok ? yeay
    mmpf 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Ah, I wish I got invitations to indulge in unmentionables from women on the internet. Dammit, I should start a blog.

    Never again.


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