All’s well that weekends well

After 5 long days of work, where I am still struggling to learn the ropes, Friday was finally coming to an end and I was hoping for a nice relaxing weekend ahead of me.

That night I was meeting some friends and then had no plans to get my butt out of my apartment for the two next days. I wanted to catch up with my long lost friend Sleep, finish up my business with The Dirty Dozen and maybe meet up with my old flame Movies, whom I hadn’t seen much of lately.

So as the hands of clock moved past 5 pm the hands of fate dealt me a terrible hand. I found myself rewriting a way too popular pop hit by a female pop artist who refuses to grow out of the teenage, and I am not talking about Cher here, to sell pizzas. Now what does a pop song have to do with pizza? I don’t know but I hope it better does since I spent over an hour coming up with a cheesy parody (pun intended). I was supposed to humiliate a very famous Tenor in the same way but I let him live to die another day as I promised to take him on later and rushed out of work at 6:30.

I reached home at 7:30 and ran in to Bai for the first time that week. She took this rare opportunity to hand me the usual list of groceries and complaints and gripes. By the time the door bell rang I was still reading it. I opened the door to find the biggest fan of my blog, unfortunately a man and fortunately a great friend too, standing there with his wonderful girlfriend. Lets call them S and A.

Got them in and called up for home delivery of our respective poisons. Vodka for the lady and the beer for us Cavemen. When I say beer I mean Corona, Heineken, Asahi, Hoegaarden and Leffe. Another good friend of mine, who has been bearing the brunt of my ample spare time lately, dropped by. Lets call her R. R had her usual glass of Chantilli, A stuck to the tried and tested Screwdriver while we men downed the beers. So we sat around talking, ok more like them listening and me talking. After the usual food and stuff every one headed home and I had my rendezvous with my buddy Sleep, whom I had been ignoring too much lately, in my bed.

Sleep left me lying alone in the bed early morning but not even hunger was a reason good enough for me to leave the bed on Saturday. Around noon it dawned up on me that my computer was still to be resurrected and I had so much work pending. Got out of bed. Had my breakunch. Did all kind of geeky things to my computer but the stubborn piece of shit remained dead. Went out to Sports Bar Express with a friend to watch India lose and Spain win. Not the same game of course. Shot hoops after a long time. Are the hoops at SBX gigantic or am I just too good? Must be the latter. Had some lovely fish and chips and a couple of pints of something called Haywards Black. It tasted like someone fucked up while trying to make Guinness at home.

Then it was Sunday! Was up by 8 but decided that I was not too keen on going to watch “Life is Beautiful”. By the time I finally got done with The Dirty Dozen it was 5 in the evening. Looked in the mirror and realized I was only a few hair away from being classified as an anorexic bear so went and got my beard trimmed. Was planning to watch The Happening at 6 pm but apparently there were other people too who watch horrible flicks and they only had the first row seat available to under immense pressure from my neck I gave in and got ticket for the 11.15 show. But The Happening never happened as it turned out it was my good friend’s girlfriend’s birthday on Monday and I found out that we were bringing it in at my place. The ticket was wasted but my 2 hours of my life were saved. So I got gift and card and cake and then waited for them to show up. I waited and waited and waited. Long enough to chug down a bottle Chantilli out of sheer boredom.

Finally they showed up and we sat around deciding what to do. She wanted to go clubbing while I was thinking of hitting the bed soon as it was soon to be Monday. So we decided to hang around in Malad. First thing we did was to get booze before the shops closed. So more beer, more vodka and of course Captain Morgan for me. Then we went out to pick up friends, got hit by a bus, cut the cake in the middle of a drizzle and got back. We had a round of drinks and by 2 am I found myself in bed and when my alarm went off at 6:30 am my weekend was gone and so were my friends.

5 thoughts on “All’s well that weekends well

  • Shiraj Kavathar

    S: Yippee I get to be mentioned in your blog. I get a chance to get famous when our grand children read the history of the resurrected CHE. “CHE quotes”in TIMEs, CHECONOMICS in the columns, CHEPATANTRA and everything u would be writing.

    Ok by the way the journey back home was one one arabian night adventure It was raining hell but the beer in me kept me going till i dropped dead home.

  • Che


    Ah you had to give it away 😉 couldnt hide behind the anonymity of the letter S could you hehe. Well I use initials as I dont take names!
    Besides you never know if someone doenst takes offence to me making fun of them on a public blogs.

    Well the way inflation is going looks like UPA is following Checonomics only!

    That bad huh…maybe you should have drank “Fuel”….hahahhahahhahahah.


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