A Different Life

So as you all know I switched jobs from Sufferland to P******m. It was dramatic change in my life. It’s turned my whole life upside down or should I say downside up? Let’s do a deep analysis of the same.

I was leaving office after sunset now rather than after sunrise. (The sun actually is not such a bad thing after all!)

I wasn’t bringing the newspaper in as I returned home from work. (Still reading it at same time though)

I was drinking coffee instead of tea. (the tea from the machine at P******m is actually worse than the tea served in Sufferland canteen!).

I was no longer being woken up to get a credit card by morons who had skipped their credit history classes. (Finally uninterrupted sleep!)

I was preparing sandwich (yes you read that right) to carry in a Tiffin (aw come on you’ve got trust your eye sight!) to work everyday. Bacon and Ham and Cheese and mmmm.

I was no longer drinking on weekdays (Friday nights and early early Monday mornings excluded).

I was no longer walking to work. (Malad to Santacruz on foot is like a pilgrimage)

I was catching a bus every day. (Going by their size its quite some achievement!)

I could go on and on but remember I am writing a blog and not another War and Peace.

Besides this time I am going to restrict myself to one page. A side effect of writing those haikus I must say. So being a very observant individual I think I should share some of my observations about P******m here.

The most important part is the building. There is so much glass used in it that you wouldn’t want to change your clothes here. Not that you necessarily change clothes at work but just in case.

The architects managed to create a radiation free building long before we even knew that it was harmful. Getting a cell phone signal here requires complex mathematical calculations and intensive knowledge of Feng-Shui.

The office starts at 9:30. The people start by 11:30. The work starts by 2:30.

The lunch hour is 12:30 to 5:30.

Free maggi tastes better.

Oh crap one page is almost over. Time to end it. This reminds me of my friend who is staying at my place. Well you see he usually sleeps by 3 pm and is up by 11 pm. Last night well when I reached home at 9 he was sleeping. When I went to bed at 2 he was sleeping. When I woke up at 7 he was sleeping. When I left my apt at 9 He was sleeping. Hmmm could he be dead? When I return home by 9 tonight and if he is stinking what should I do?