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32: Too many, too few.

I don’t know if this will make sense. To you. Or even to me when I am done typing this out. This is not something I have been pondering over or something that has been bothering me. There is a lot of noise in my head. Words whirring, clashing, bouncing off each. It’s fucking rock concert. And I am just grabbing a fistful of them and chucking them across this sheet of paper. Then see if it makes sense. A shape-shifting Rorschach test of sorts Continue reading →

Half Life of Love

This is my first attempt at writing anything remotely serious, unless you count the crap I pull out of my ass for the clients, especially the tight ass BFSI ones. This is not a definitive guide to why relationships don’t work out. This is not even a guide to who fucks up in a relationship. Wait, this is not a guide at all. This is just what I think happens in relationships. If you are the one who believes in love at first sight, you Continue reading →

Billi Diaries Finale: The Alarm Cat Rises

All good things come to an end and so must the Billi Diaries. No, Billi isn’t dead. No, I am not out of pages either, smartass. I don’t want Billi Diaries to become another War and Peace. Or the Twilight series. As time went on Billi began to live the second of its nine lives. The life he led as ‘Alarm Cat’. The scourge of my dreams. The terror of my nights that used to come alive once the lights went out. Had he been Continue reading →