Beginning of the End

So it’s a new year. Again. Year after year it just keeps happening and there is nothing you mortals can do to stop it. Hmm. Pretty useless aren’t you? Any way I am not here to talk about what I did on New Years Eve because every Paula, Nikki and Sally are talking about it on their blogs. Then what am I going to do?

I am going to talk about my first day of the year, which was probably as uneventful as every other day of last year. I had gone to New Years party after handing over the apartment keys to KurtNirvana, who wanted to sit there and drink. So I gave him the keys with the strictest instructions to not fall asleep till I got home. The problem with people like him and Sean is that once they are asleep there is nothing you can do to get them to open the door, except pray. Ringing doorbells and cellphone ringtones to them are sweet background music playing in their dreams. They just don’t wake up!

So I reached home at 6.30ish and I started calling KN before I could reach my apartment. No answer. I tried again. Still no answer. I rang the doorbell. Nothing. Gah! I had almost resigned myself to spending the rest of the night with the watchman when suddenly Sean opened the door. Hurray?

I walked in to find 2 bodies in the living room, one on my bed and one on my carpet. I was tempted to kick KN but not knowing who was who I let it be. I walked in to the other room to find 5 people whom I have never met before and probably will never meet again. They were from Sean’s team and they were all drinking. As soon as I entered they all quickly wrapped up the party and left. It was 7 already. Sean kept trying to get me to wake up KN but I thought I will let him be in peace for ONE day of the year as I was going to make his life hell for the rest of it any way.

I fell asleep on a rug and woke up some time later when I heard KN and sean talking in the kitchen. I got up and went to kitchen, yelled at him for 10 seconds and came back and slept on the rug again. Oh before that I put my phone on silent. I knew I could count on my dad to call up early in the morning.

I woke up again later when I heard the door being slammed shut aka KN leaving so I went out my room and plopped in to my dead. Checked my phone. Yep there were 2 missed calls from Dad at 8:30. Went back to sleep.

Woke up a bit later to hear Sean’s phone ringing. I ignored it. But it rang again immediately, I ignored it again. Then it rang again for the third time. Suddenly I remembered that TJ was going to come over and was probably calling him so I got up to answer the phone as Sean was probably in the shower. I threw off my comforter and sat up. Holy Guacamole! Someone or something was lying on my carpet wrapped tightly in a sheet. Ran any way to answer the phone but it got disconnected. As I moved back to the room, tiptoed past that creature and went back to sleep. I decided if it started smelling in a day or two then I might have to worry about it, or else I will tell Bai to throw it out.

A little later the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find TJ there but still no sign on Sean. Suddenly I remembered the body on the floor. We both studied it and agreed that it looked plump enough to be Sean. I yelled out his name few times and he wiggled out of the sheet, flipped over and went back to sleep. $%#$@#$. I yelled out that TJ had come so this time he opened up his eyes looked at us and gave a nice big smile and then got on to my bed and went back to sleep. WTF! Once again I repeated the entire process of yelling his name and the fact that TJ was there and he opened his eyes and smiled again. But before he could close them again I politely told him that it was my bed he was trying to sleep in. Few minutes later it sank in and he got up and went to his room and I went to my bed, saw another missed call from Dad again, and went to sleep.

Woke up at around 4 craving for a hot Chinese soup. Didn’t have number for any place around that delivered Chinese. Found one number, called them up, they said they deliver only after 6 pm. Fuck that. Called up KN. He had ruined my day and must pay for it right? He was sleeping. Asked him for number for any place that would deliver soup. He was about as useful to me as a pack of cigarettes.

Gave up, ordered some pasta with extra bacon. It was yummy. Bai came. I picked up Hundred years of solitude and continued from where I had left it off. KN called later. Told him to come over with Chinese soup. I win!