Seanday was Sean’s Birthday. How old is he? I dunno, I cant count that high! Sean has been around for ages and that’s why I call him Old man at times. But thats no excuse for not celebrating his birthday, hell we have been celebrating Jesus’ for 2008 years now and if you carbon-dated sean I bet he would turn out to be younger than that.

So I started Seanday by waking him up at midnight to wish him and then hit the bed. Sean as usual was sleeping through his ringing phones, yes he has two and he doesnt answer either! So I received a call for him on *MY* phone. WTF! I got out of bed and carried the phone over to him so he could be wished before I slept again.

Woke up at 9ish. Sean was still asleep. A called up. She and S were coming over. So I showered and got ready. Sean was still asleep. So S&A; arrived with a cake. Sean was still asleep. But he finally woke up to allow them to wish him and, SURPRISE SURPRISE, he *DID NOT* go back to sleep!

So we decided to start the celebrations by watching a movie. Without Sean. Three of us left Sean at home and went to see “Outsourced”. After watching the movie I felt probably I should have outsourced its viewing to somebody else too.

Post movie S&I; failed miserably in helping A choose a dress for some office function next day. It took us long long time to convince her to wear what we thought was looking good on her. As you know is the case with women, she refused to believe us! WTF! But we were persistent to the extend we started recommending utter crap to her so she gave in.

Post shopping we headed back to find Sean and TJ and ofcourse Bai at home. Bai was making Chicken Biryani that supposedly she is very good at making, I still dont know as I didnt get to eat any :(.

Soon people started trickling in and within some time we had like 10-12 people in the house walking every where. Utter Chaos! WTF! No one knew what was happening and what to do. So to take control of the situation we opened the alcohol bottles and in seconds everyone was sitting down with glasses in their hands. God bless Alcohol!

So all in all we had, apart from the fore mentioned people, newly engaged G and NP, PB and his wife PB(?), Zombie and SU, KurtNirvana (he is like a piece of furniture in my apartment), Nana, Sardar without his fiance, Sohel and Sardar’s Cousin. There was music playing inside and outside (the mosque had some one yell really really badly at us continuously). Some people danced. There was food, jokes and of course the booze flowed. Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Beer and Pim’s.

When it was almost midnight we all headed out for Ice cream at Gokuls from where we all dispersed to where we thought we were going in our alcohol induced stupor. So that was how Seanday was and now you wait for the next update as I am off to Delhi for NJ’s wedding! If withdrawal symptoms get too bad email me and I will make fun of you. Au Revoir!