Life as I know it

Friday night my new girlfriend moved in with me. No, I didn’t trick her into it, stupid; it was her who pressed for a live in arrangement. It was a bolt out of the blue. After all she was just beginning to get to know me and I was just beginning to get the right signals from her. I know it was all too fast but rather that than too little, too late, right? How could I resist, I mean, say no to her?

Oh, what a woman she is! Whenever she is around my pulse starts racing and my body feels like it’s on fire. She has my head swooning, my eyes glazed as if I am high on her. No, I am sure she hasn’t put me on arsenic you fool. Now stop interrupting and let me continue.

Oh, what a passionate woman! I have barely left the bed since she has moved in. She wouldn’t let me sleep, eat or do anything else. She just wants me all for herself. She does leave me alone for a few hours every day but when she comes back, she comes with such fervor that it’s impossible for me to keep her away. Stop telling me that she is a psycho! You are just plain jealous that you don’t have a lover like her in your life, aren’t you?

Passion apart she is also very, very possessive about me. Even when I leave the bed she just follows me around wherever I go and watches me do whatever I am doing. She follows me to the market, she follows me to my office! I can understand her fear of losing me, after all a guy like me is very hard to find but she needs to realize that all this is kinda unnerving me. Don’t give me that look of I-Told-You-So!

Ok, so her behavior is of a little concern but there is no need to panic over it like my family and friends. They are not very happy with all this and they want her out of my life! Can you believe that? I understand their concern but they want me to break up with her! That’s like going overboard with it. They have been calling me up everyday. They think I need help to get over her. In fact my cousin took me to a quack who gave me some pills to pop for the same. Must be some memory erasing stuff ala The Eternal Sunshine. Isn’t really working as of now. Thanks but I don’t need your help in hiring some goons for kidnapping her and taking her far, far away so she can’t find her way back. I want to break up with her and not break her!

But her, she is taking all this in her stride. She is working even harder to thwart all the efforts to separate us. Everyday they try and separate us and every night she fights her way back to me and embraces with some much love that it’s getting harder and harder for me to think about breaking up with her. You don’t know her name? She has a nice exotic name that sorta just rolls off the tongue very nicely. Her name sounds like its French but I think she is English. Fever.

2 thoughts on “Life as I know it

  • A K

    hey, this may be coming a little too late..ok very late..but really good post. I love the description you did…you really had me going, so obviously the end was really good..


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