Order! Order!

“Hey, what’s for dinner?”

“Are you hungry? You better be, I cooked something special for you today.”

“Oooooh what is it? Give it to me!”

“Wait! First you guess what it is.”

“Fine, gimme a clue.”

“Okay. Only one clue. What is like a bag with meat inside?”

“A body bag?”

“Don’t be gross.”

“A condom?”

“Your mind is a fascinating place. No, it is more like a bag for the meat.”

“Grocery bag?”

“For fuck sake. You put it in your mouth!”


“Jesus fucking christ. That’s it. No dinner for you. Order for yourself.”

“But why? What was the answer?”

“I am not telling you. You disgust me.”

“I was kidding!”

“Well you pissed me off. Go order your dinner now.”

*5 minutes later*

“Did you place your order?”

“Yeah. I am starving and you won’t let me eat. What else am I supposed to do?”

“You brought it upon yourself by being an ass. What did you order?”


“Hello 911, we are about to have an emergency.”