Memories of the future

Memories and Future. Two brilliant concepts. Who came up with them? Two constant companions separated by you at every moment in time. Isn’t that amazing? One doesn’t exist without the other and neither exists without you. One always behind you and the other always ahead of you. One ever so familiar and the other a complete stranger. If life is a landscape covered with freshly fallen snow, future is the vast, pristine blanket of snow ahead of you like a blank canvas. You don’t know Continue reading →

A Conversation

“Hey” “Hi. Who are you? What are you doing here?” “Relax. I am a friend. My name is Amy.” “Hi, Amy. I am Zubaida, but everyone calls me Zee.” “I know, Zee. I have always been around you.” “What do you mean, Amy? What are you doing here?” “I was born here. I have always been here.” “I don’t understand.” “I know. Forget about me. You tell me what are you doing here? You don’t seem like you belong here.” “What do you mean by Continue reading →

Life as an impostor

Stop. What you are going to read ahead has taken me ages to write. Partly because it has been difficult and mostly because I didn’t want to. I would love to say please don’t judge me after reading this but we all know that’s not gonna happen. Judging people is our favourite hobby after all. I admit it, I indulge in it occasionally. If you do read it, please don’t pity me. That’s not what I want. If I wanted pity, I would simply write Continue reading →

A short rant on the longest known evil

When the initial bytes from the famous/infamous documentary on the Delhi gang rape first came out, my initial reactions were of anger and disgust. Not just at the men who uttered those horrific, remorseless words but at the society, the culture, and even the nation. I was seething with anger over something I did not choose to be associated with and yet will be carrying on my shoulder by the virtue of being born a male in this country. I was, and still am, a Continue reading →

Masculinity is diminishing

“Masculinity is diminishing.” No, I wasn’t attending a #NotAllMen conference. Neither was I reading the end of year The Feminist report on masculinity levels around the world. This line is from a presentation sent by a client explaining the reason behind the upcoming brand refresh. This line is the rationale behind the brand refresh. Upon first read my instant reaction was that this line is why a brand is going to spend crores on a makeover because men aren’t important to them any more. Predictable Continue reading →