Deja Che

I don’t remember saying “I’ll be back” but, hey, here I am. How long has it been? Three years? How many of you have died since then? I hope not many as I would like to have some comments here and there. It is a surprise that I can still string together coherent sentences. Not that it matters, you lot aren’t the sharpest tools out there any way. So what’s in it for you? Well it is a new, improved, deluxe version of Che’s life Continue reading →

The Dilli Diaries Deux : Return of the Che

Obviously I had never been to a cocktail dinner, let alone to one at a five star hotel. But using my superpower of common sense I somehow figured out what to expect. Now came the hard part. How the fuck do I fit in there and not stick out like Superman in an edition of Playboy? I planned to wear the only decent pair of black pants I have that I wear to pretty much any where that’s supposed to be too formal for jeans Continue reading →

The Dilli Diaries Deux : Stationed at the Station

Its been a long while since I launched the New! Improved! Better! sequel to the smashing blockbuster hit The Dilli Diaries. Basically my life decided that it needs a makeover and guess what I am paying for it! Every aspect of my life- personal, public, professional, unprofessional, financial etc, was touched, molested and violated in the process. But thats no excuse to not complete the series. So here I present the resuscitated New! Improved! Better! The Dilli Diaries Deux. So I left you all off Continue reading →