Quantum of Disgrace

Where have I been? No really? What happened to me? Why hasn’t the blog been updated recently? WTF is going on? And so on. Yes I know what all is going through your head. All these questions that keep you up at night. Relax. Now that I am here I am not going to answer them. I would rather give you a review of the last movie that had the misfortune of being seen by me. Quantum of Solace.

Casino Royale was interesting. Finally Bond was not just another boy who loved to play with toys. He was no lazy bastard who depended on technology and lots of luck to save his butt. He actually kicked some ass. Unlike the other films where he just blows things up. I know guys are supposed to love that stuff and go oooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaah but we already had Ethan Hunt, Xander Cage and Mithun Da for that shit. So I went to see the QoS hoping for some entertainment. It didn’t entertain me but it did pain me.

As you know I am a man of few words. Here is my highly condensed but accurate review of the movie:

Bond wants revenge. Bond kills people. M grounds Bond. Bond goes rogue. Villain
steals water. Bond kills more people. Bond saves water. No naked women.

How Disappointing. Good thing the ticket was paid for by my dear friend S. Good man. Wish him more fertile growth on his pate.

You want to know the whole plot?

Alright, I will save ya a few hundred bucks. It was a very complex plot so I had to break it down in to simpler terms so you can understand it better.

Here is the plot of Quantum of Solace.

*****SPOILER ALERT******


*****SPOILER ALERT******

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Yes this is all the sense I could make out of the plot. If you have better luck please put your own goddamn review moron.