Running woes

Friday I learnt an important lesson. Never overestimate others. Especially at the Gym. A lot of us start going to Gym and get overwhelmed by the stuff that the regular people there do. We think they are all in better shape and are doing much more than we can; after all we are poor little beginners aren’t we?

Well my friend Mr. first-hand-experience tells me otherwise. So Friday morning I reached Gym a little early as I had to reach work a little early too. It was lower body day so my legs reluctantly got dragged along with rest of the body. I was dumped in to the hands of this new instructor who threw all logic and common sense out of the window. After finishing the first set with the regular weights I was used to doing, he made me do the second set with more weight! Erm hello? Haven’t you seen me struggle enough with the same weights during second set moron? Did you even read my membership card? I weigh less than that much weight, for the love of Dionysus!

Any way it took great teamwork and effort from all my different personalities but we got through the grueling routine. Next up was the treadmill. Ah isn’t that just bread and butter. I hadn’t been on a treadmill in ages and this time I jumped the chance to get my legs working on one. Having no idea what to do on it, I peeked at the guy next to mine’s machine. He was running with quite some effort! I noted his machine was set to 6 kmph. Hmm I thought if a regular was struggling while running at 6 kmph then I might as well start with 5. So I set it at 5 kmph and started running and soon found out that it was damn hard! The guy looked at my machine and moved up to 7. This pissed me off. I was no wimp to back out so I accelerated to full 6 kmph! Again he looked over and went up to 7.8 kmph. Ok so I decided not to make a fool of myself my getting in to those use mine-is-bigger-than-your games.

I was getting tired very fast at 6 kmph, it had been barely 6 mnts and I was almost panting. Then I did some calculations in my head and realized WTF. Yes WTF! I was running at *JUST* 6 kmph! $@#%$^#$#@%@ Why the hell would I run at that! I started walking and managed to keep up with treadmill without breaking a sweat! Ah I was wasting so much energy trying to run so SLOW! GAH! I need to work on them brain muscles too. Then why the hell was that dude next to me dying at 6 kmph??? Then it dawned upon me that the dude next to me was almost a feet shorter and close to double my weight. DUH!

Did my 20 mnts on the treadmill, showered and reached work at 9:30. Had to “help” Jhayu with his “presentation” on Online Reputation Management for a tainted Thai Minister who name was “Poppadum Nincompoop” or something like that. Ok Noppadon Pattama, close enough! Helped him make the presentation bearable for us.

Work went as usual. Slow. Very Slow. Went out for ice cream and came back soaked after a special monsoon offer of a complimentary shower. After work we headed to Toto’s. Me, Lil Nat, Jhayu, Coffey and two more colleagues from work, lets call them Ozymandius and Yo. Over drink and the weirdest “footlong” ever, you’ve got to see it to believe it, we discussed drinking games and we learnt one from Coffey called PahPahWah. Yes PahPahWah. Don’t ask me for the rules, I don’t understand Chinese.

Later we were joined by Lil Nat’s boyfriend AR and his friends. I stuck to my 2 drinks limit. Had 2 guinness and 2 large Old Monk and Coke. Reached home at 3 and crawled in to the bed at 4. Need to stop checking emails at that time of the night. I had to be up soon to catch an early show of Dark Knight. What happened next will follow later.

10 thoughts on “Running woes

  • Natasha

    pahpahwah was the easy game, you didnt talk about the game where u guess a number and put out that many fingers and then win. the aim is to guess how many fingers your own hand wants to put out

  • Still thinking

    Reading ur blog is giving me serious complexes (note the plural only if that’s how it’s spelt) now. I’m heading for my yoga class tomorrow evening!

    Btw, what is pahpahwah? I’m curious, enlighten me.

  • Jhayu

    I think it was PumPahWah. I clearly remember the ‘Pum’ in the beginning. And Nasty, you have the rules of that game all wrong (that spelling mistake is intentional. Because of your behaviour yesterday).

  • Che

    @Lil Nat:

    The reason i didnt talk about it is because i didnt understand its head or tail! I mean seriously wtf was that.


    Yay! My blog is turning healthy.
    Have fun twisting yourself just make sure you dont tie yourself up in a knot.

    PahPahWah/PumPahWah (the debate is still on) goes this way, i think, say A point his finger at B and says Pum, then B has to point his finger at someone and say Pah, so lets say B pointed his finger at S and said Pah, then the two people next to S, have to throw their hands up and say Wah. so S and T have to say Wah and if they forget they drink….or something like that…gah! I dunno.


    We shall confirm with Coffey and settle this for once and all. And Yes Lil Nat got the other game all wrong.

  • Che


    Erm I am trying to lead a ummm “healthy” lifestyle 😀
    Its really not that bad you know….
    Hope the job thing worked out fine.

  • Zub


    Love the way u describe things/events…

    Second set with more weight..?? you live in free world don’t u..?? :p

  • Che


    Dont bother. I am sure there much better drinking games around like….umm…Bottoms Up! That one is simple and just works.

    Shavasana? Lol I would blame you love for sleep on that.


    I am happy to hear you liked what you read 🙂
    Well the gym instructors seem to take it as a personal insult if you move even a finger without their supervision!


    Aw come on. Just what I needed 😛
    But I am going to continue with gym for 2-3 months before I decide actually how bad it is for me.


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