Height of Soredom

So you all have been wondering where is the blog I had promised at the end of my last post? Well here it is! And why wasn’t it here before? Because I was too sore and tired. And why was I so sore and tired? Gah! Do your questions ever end?

Well first I need to answer another question from my last blog. In it I had mentioned some shopping I had done which I promised to explain later. Well here is the explanation. The shopping was done for socks, training shoes and a supporter. What is a supporter you ask? Erm it’s the male equivalent of a bra, except its much smaller and worn much further down.

So why the shoes, socks and the supporter? Isn’t it so obviously silly? I have joined a gym. A what you say? A gym you moron! Grrr. Now stop laughing and get off the floor!

I know its not very obvious when you have a BMI of less than 16. But any way I joined the gym as it is in the same building as P******m and thanks to P******m I barely paid anything for its membership. So yes I have joined a gym.

But what I hadn’t thought of was all the pain involved. And its not just physical pain dear. Now the thing is that I have to wake up at 6 to make sure I freshen up and have breakfast, make lunch and catch the 7-7:15 bus to be at office by 8. Also at 7 am I have wake up Lil Nat to make her come to gym too. And then add to that the pain of carrying a bag with clothes, towel and crap to work and back. And of course the physical pain, how can I forget that.

Day 1 went something like this. I reached there and filled the form. The instructor took my measurements. There wasn’t much to measure any way. He was caught off guard by how little I weigh. I wasn’t. I have been living with it for almost 26 years now. I told him it was my first day at gym. It made no difference to that heartless beast. He made me do pushups! Now I have never done this thing that looks more like something you would find in kamasutra than a gym. Anyway I managed to do set of it, with my right shoulder creaking in a scary way all the time. It held together somehow.

After that he made me work on every single machine there. No one was spared. By the end of it all I felt quit alright. This wasn’t too bad. Then I hopped on to one of those cardio machines for 15 minutes, took shower and headed to work. It was all fine. I felt quite wide awake at work and relaxed and didn’t feel the need for caffeine! Wow this was great. Just one gym session and I felt healthy already. But as the day passed I started to feel tired and everything seemed to require more effort. By the time I reached home my limbs were aching badly.

Thought a good night might put all the things back in place but that wasn’t to be. Simply because I couldn’t sleep! I am one of those who sleep on their tummy. I just cant sleep lying on my back. And now the problem was if I lay on my back I was fine but the moment I turned over to lay on my stomach my shoulder started throbbing. Gah! It drove me nuts!! All night I kept tossing and turning and I think I fell asleep some time between 1:30 am and 4 am.

Next day using my hands to do anything was a pain. Now I knew what they mean when they say it feels like getting hit by a truck. Thankfully at gym they chose to work on the lower body. But taking shower was one of the most painful things I have done in recent times. But I bore the pain like a man and I walked out squeaky clean. The instructor took pity on me and said I don’t need to come next day as I, ehm, don’t need to work on my abs. I got a day off! Yay!

My happiness was short lived as the night went exactly the same way as the previous night. And I woke up in the morning in the worst state ever. My arms were dead. Literally dead. I could barely move them. God knows how I took shower and prepared lunch and got to work. Whole day I felt like shit. Going up and down the stairs required some real motivation. And then again the night went the same way.

Today was day 4. I went to gym. My arms felt much much better having got 2 days off from workout. I went through the same machines and the same weights and felt WTF. Yes I felt WTF. Why? Because the same goddamn weights seemed to be so much heavier! Argh! WTF! Some how I managed to whine my way to less repetitions of one machine which was really painful. Otherwise I managed quite alright. I guess my body is realizing that it’s a futile battle and its learning to grin and bear it.

Now it has been 4 days without proper sleep. I think I have slept for maybe 10 hours in last 4 days. I am tired and sore. Rain gods finally realised that they had got Bengaluru and Mumbai mixed up. Its finally raining Tigers and Elephants here. I guess I will just float home, if the current is the right way.

13 thoughts on “Height of Soredom

  • Quicksilver!

    Of course you’ll be sore!Taking a chutti of after 2 days!Did your instructor make you warm up and cool down well? Both eliminate soreness. And dont worry, very soon you’ll be looking forward to the gym-time, working out is that addictive *to most* **actually to a few** ***honestly, to very few***:))

  • Che


    Arre but the instructor gave me chhutti no. He said I need to come only 4 days. No need to work on abs 🙁
    Well its too early to say whether its additive or not but i am enjoying it already.


    Umm well the motivation is called insomnia :). I cant sleep much so might as well do something worthwhile in that time. Besides since I travel for an hour in BEST bus to reach office I never felt fresh. But now I shower after gym and come down the stairs to work feeling fresh and awake 🙂


    Well we are both suffering together in more ways than just one 😛

  • Jhayu

    1) “carrying a bag with clothes, towel and crap to work”. You bring crap to work? Dude. I never want to see the inside of your bag.
    2) You don’t need to work on your abs. Not an image I wanted in my head.

  • Che


    Magnifying glass to measure :-/
    Man you got your measuring instruments all wrong 😛

    Yea I guess it will help me fit in.


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