The Dilli Diaries Deux : Stationed at the Station

Its been a long while since I launched the New! Improved! Better! sequel to the smashing blockbuster hit The Dilli Diaries. Basically my life decided that it needs a makeover and guess what I am paying for it! Every aspect of my life- personal, public, professional, unprofessional, financial etc, was touched, molested and violated in the process. But thats no excuse to not complete the series. So here I present the resuscitated New! Improved! Better! The Dilli Diaries Deux.

So I left you all off where I was heading to the railway station with bighead to pick up his friend SS who was arriving from Indore or something. So we reached the station by 5, her train was supposed to come at 5:30. And since by law the number of people who go to station to see off or receive passenger must be at least 3 times the number of passengers or more, obviously there was a huge crowd at the station. Buggers still haven’t got anything on the Dadar station though!

So to avoid being crushed by the passengers/coolies/see off-ers/receivers/bags/suitcases we both leaned as far out as possible over the railings and waited for any comprehensible announcements regarding the train. Since we could not understand a word coming out of those public announcement systems we called SS up for her status and she was about equally helpful.

So we stood around sharing music on my D2, listening to Kaiowas on loop over the din waiting and waiting and waiting. It was almost 7, I had left at 4 expecting to be back by 6 so wasn’t wearing a jacket, and I was literally freezing. I had to pee so bad and I really didn’t want to use the public toilet at the station. But when a man’s gotta go, a man’s gotta go. When I told Bighead this he also had the epiphany that he had to pee too so we went about the finding the restroom.

Wasn’t too hard, we could smell it half a mile away. It was filthy, disgusting but looked so beautiful at that moment. Obviously there was a queue. What do you expect when there is only one toilet for approximately what was the entire population of Sudan. Finally my turn came and I am at a loss of words to describe that feeling so lets leave it at that. While I was peeing away to glory this woman calls up. WTF! One should never disturb a guy when he is going full flow!

Wrapped up my business with the urinal. Prayed I don’t get UTI. Washed my hands. Called SS back.
Her highness had arrived. We went and met her, bundled her in to the car and headed back. It was already 7:30 and the party was to start at 8:30 so we dropped Bighead at The Intercontinental and headed back to shower and change in to something befitting a cocktail dinner at a 5 star hotel. What happened next shall follow in a few days, weeks or months time depending upon your luck.