A lesson in Anthropology

By now you must have realised the purpose of this blog. No? Well I am not surprised. Considering that this blog contains far too many words with 5 letters or more, for which i sincerely apolo….i mean i am sorry, you must be too buried in the dictionary to realise it. Anyway as usual I take this opportunity to educate you mortals about a sub-species of your own pathetic (disg)race.

Homo Politicus.
This is a highly evolved sub-species of Homo Sapiens. Why highly evolved? Their amazing immunity makes them super human! They are known to survive criminal charges, court cases, scandals, scams and more recently even shoes and chappals too! (Take that Mr I-can-survive-a-nuclear-bomb Cockroach :P) Their immunity to guilt, shame, remorse and honesty is remarkable. However they are highly susceptible to being โ€œmisquoted by the Pressโ€.

Homo Politicus can be hard to locate. That is because they tend to hibernate for up to 5 years at a stretch. Then suddenly they can be found amongst you, except they will be protected by a regiment of commandos funded by your own money that you donated so willingly. When they are not hibernating they will be everywhere, in newspaper, on TV on radio and even on stages at rallies. Their wonderful oratory skills don’t come as a surprise considering their highly developed forked tongue which interestingly is covered with glands that secrete saccharin sweet poison.

How can you identify them? Well most of them tend to have a high BMI and a very thick skin. Invariably they have an exoskelton made of Khadi but in some of the highly evolved specimen it can be of Silk too. Homo Politicus can also be found traveling by expensive cars, flights and even helicopters.

However they still are not invincible. Like Superman even Homo Politicus can be defeated. Their kryptonite is called a vote. A large enough number of votes against them can render even the mightiest Homo Politicus powerless. The recent Indian Elections were a proof of that.

On that note I sign off now. I know I have been โ€œhibernatingโ€ too lately but don’t you worry i have not joined politics. New job and the fact my new office is in a ridiculously inaccessible place had made it harder for me to take time out for you. But don’t you worry I still love you all and will be back on track sooner than you expect. Now scoot!