The Great Indian Circus

The idea for this post came about when a dear friend, lets call her Buttercup, was telling me how much she hated the elections as she was working on a project for a political party. Being the smart ass I am told her it wouldn’t be case if one letter was different. It led to a very colorful discussion which reflects in the post. If you are offended, Go you-know-what yourself!

Its the year of the great Indian erection. Once every 5 years or so India holds an erection to decide to is the most suitable person to head the country. Every time there is erection we have at least 2 candidates for the post of prime minister. This time we have 3 choices. Manmohan Singh’s erection chances could go limp thanks to anti-incumbency wave that BJP is trying to create against the Congress. The Congress leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi have lent their hand to give Manmohan a good erection campaign. At this age L.K. Advani’s chances in erections are slightly better than his chances of getting an erection, irrespective of who lends a helping hand there. I dunno what Mayawati has to do with erections, in fact any thoughts about her erection scares me to death!

Erections are not just for the Prime Minister. erections are for the entire Parliament. Each member is carefully selected depending upon the erections. Every party picks its candidate for the erection and there are many independent candidates. During campaigning all candidates and their posse go around their constituency telling people why they should vote for their erection.

Varun Gandhi shot down his erection by putting his foot in the mouth, while a journalist stamped his shoe down to end Jagdish Tytler’s erection before the climax. I don’t think any one is doubting Rahul Gandhi’s erection. Women anywhere would vote for his erection!

So people use your finger and pick the right person this erection. After all this is the person who is going to fuck you over for the next 5 years. The erection is your only hope to make it less painful. And women I request you to make the most of this erection as there might not be another one for next 5 years! Erections Zindabad.