The Man who sold the world.

Less than a week in to my new job and I think my designation needs to be changed. Though a copywriter describes my work quite well, since every thing I write looks like a copy of everything I wrote before it, but a more creative and fitting name would an advertising poet.

Yes, I am an Ad Poet. Not romantic, not beat, not emo, no none of that. It’s a totally new genre of poetry and I am proud to be the leading, and probably the only, pioneer in it. So what is it like? Its sorta like writing haikus. Marketing haikus to be precise. And its equally difficult to write.

Just like great haiku poets overcame the challenge of creating a poem within the 5/7/5 syllable constraints of a haiku, I too use the mastery of my craft to fit my advertising poetry within the 25/35/35 limit imposed by the tyrannical rulers of Googledom. And that’s in characters per line (p.s. spaces included).

It takes a great strength of character and sheer brilliance for me to work within these constraints and my imagination limited by the keywords to come up with master pieces like :

Invent your career
Join the Applied Science Program
At T****r‘s. Find out how.

Or like this :

Don’t pay what others do
Personalized interest rates for you
M*******n is for you. Apply Now.

Isn’t it B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L? Sigh. Brought tears to my eyes. How can I be so good, its criminal, it should be against the law. But what can I say, I was born with it, you weren’t. Its just not fair for the rest of you. I guess you are just plain unfortunate that you have to spend the rest of your lives in the shadows of some one so brilliant as me. But then there is no shame in it. Someday you will be able to find your hidden talent and shine in the world too, although I don’t see a point in it. It will be like holding candle to the sun. But you can try.

At this note I will get back to my art. There are more credit cards to sell, more people to sign up for a share trading company and more students to lure to a college.

To cheer you up I leave you with a Haiku of my own :

I was born to write
Blogs and poems and haikus
But I sold myself