Life After Sufferland.

With the 31st of May being my last working day at Sufferland after nearly 46 months of bonded labor I was supposed to start a new phase of life on the 1st, right? But with insufferable Sufferland around how could that be. The shift extended well in to 1st, so 2nd of June turned out to be my first Sufferland free day. Almost.

Since the day started at midnight lets go through the events in chronological order :

00:00 : Was sitting at this real sad and shady place called Galaxy watching the finals of the IPL. No wait, drinking beer, the IPL final was just a side effect of being there with a bunch of other still suffering Sufferlanders.

00:02 : Jaipur won. I had finished my 4th Heineken. Remembered I had to work at 9:30 so wiggled my through the congregate of boisterous, drunk men and headed home.

00:20 : Was home safe and sound. Had dinner. Tried to resurrect my dead PC. No luck.

1:00 : Set the Alarm for 6 am and hit the bed. 5 hours is enough to wear off the beer and head to work right?

2:30 : Woke up feeling like fish out of water. Had a glass of water, yes water I swear.

3:30 : Still lying in bed wondering what am I doing awake.

4:30 : Another glass of water. Still wondering the same old wonderful wonder, why cant Manik sleep!

5:30 : More wondering, No sleeping.

5:55 : Gave up. Disabled the Alarm before Rage Against The Machine could tell me to Wake Up!

6:00 : Went for shower.

6:15 : Got out. Apparently I washed out Insomnia as well. Sleepy as Hell. Put myself on Bed to dry.

7:00 : Had my Breakfast. 2 Eggs, 4 Parathas, 2 Slices of Ham and 5 slices of Bacon. That’s it. And a glass of Thums Up of course.

7:30 : Wrapped myself with clothes to be presentable at work.

8:15 : Figured it would take an hour in the morning rush hour so left for Office, by auto of course! No train travel for me. Will figure out the Bus route soon I promise.

8:30 : I had over estimated people’s eagerness to get to work. I was praying for a Traffic Jam.

8:45 : Reached office. 45 minutes too early. Figure I needed some caffeine to wake up so went on a recon.

9:15 : Was back at office after wasting 30 minutes unable to find a coffee shop open. Seriously, if you aren’t serving coffee at 9 in the morning, you might as well rename it a dessert shop instead.

9:20 : Got a nice hot cup of coffee, at Office!

9:30 : Was told to wait for another guy who was supposed to be joining.

10:15 : Got done reading all the different newspapers available at work.

10:30 : Still no clue of the new guy, attrition on day one? Ah the wonderful memories of work culture at Sufferland.

10:45 : He made it! Oh wait another guy turned up. HR had no clue about him. This is interesting.

11:00 : We are welcomed to P******m by the ever smiling HR guy who took us through an induction which lasted, umm, 5 minutes. A welcome and refreshing change from the day long horror at Sufferland 4 years back. Yes I cant seem to get Sufferland out of my system! Ugh!

11:05 : Told to wait till they arranged for Systems for us.

11:15 : Called by Brian the HR guy to find a picture of me to email to everyone in the company. Took 15 minutes to find the least disagreeable one.

11:30 : Waiting for the computer

12:00 : Still waiting.

12:15 : Yay! We had systems! Mine was cool, it was right under the AC. Too cool for my liking. And it had every IM software you could think of. Sweet!

12:30 : Done checking mail and stuff

1:00 : Got so bored we figured we might as well go and have lunch. It was first day so they took off our collars and we rushed to McDs for a quick bite and were back. BTW no canteen as such. Its either Dabba or Delivery. No Canteen means no Thums up. Crap!

1:30 : Twiddling my Thumbs.

2:30 : More Twiddling.

3:30 : Twiddle twiddle twiddle your thumbs

Twiddle them all the day

Boing boring boring boring

I had no work all day!

4:30 : Need I say more.

5:00 : Thumbs were hurting too bad after all the twiddling so went and met the HR. Got our Employee numbers. Mine is 269. Got out of work early.

5:15 : Found myself in an auto in a state of delirium, going in and out of sleep with every pothole we hit.

5:30 : Reached home. No Bai meant no food. Bah who needs food when you’ve got Bed. Mmmm. Hit it with a vengeance.

11:00 : Woke up wondering why the hell was I awake.

00:00 : Still awake. Entered the next day.