The Past, The Present And The Future

I woke up this morning and I got my self a beer! No wait, that’s what Jim Morrison did. I woke up this morning and dragged my sorry ass to work. In fact I woke up this morning feeling like shit. But after the amount of fun I had last night I guess it was about time I paid for it.

Yesterday was the 3rd of July. Exactly 37 years ago Jim Morrison’s heart decided to quit alcohol and drugs and go clean. Sadly for us music lovers it quit cold turkey. It just stopped. And Jim passed away in his sleep/coma/unconsciousness leaving a whole lot of us stranded between this side and the other side. 37 years later we are still struggling to break on through.

I bet you all knew that. What you did not know was that yesterday was also a The Doors tribute concert, at a place that is named after a funnily colored amphibian creature. So I woke up from my insomnia and headed to work, of course with a Jim Morrison T-Shirt on. I had no plans to head back home from work and then head out to that funnily-colored-amphibian place and wasting over 2 hours in commuting.

At office I was pleasantly surprised and shocked when the CD, well now he is a VP but that sounds too boring for a creative guy like him, told me to prepare a presentation on Jim Morrison! Yabba Dabba Doo! So I got super excited over it and made a small presentation including poems, songs and interview excerpts and then Shy, the girl who still sits next to me; yes she made it back to work and that is why I am not in a lock up, added pictures and made it all pretty and stuff like girls usually do to presentations.

So we had a meeting of the creative team where we yawned through the Ten Commandments of writing Ads. Or at least I did. I usually don’t get much sleep thanks to insomnia. It’s a pretty stupid name for lack of sleep. Is it called insomnia because it happens in-so-many people? Ha Ha Ha! Oh boy I am so funny that its not even funny!

Any way after the Ten Commandments were read out and forgotten we had a short but very interesting lesson in the six thinking hats. By the time it was over every one was in hurry to rush out and have lunch, your brain can go to sleep through such sessions but your stomach doesn’t. I had to literally plead people to stay back so I could show off my awesome presentation which I then rushed through lest this starving mob decides to go all cannibalistic on me.

That was all the work I did all day. One development was that I was no longer an orphan. I was adopted by the team Midas, popularly known in P******m as the team Mid-Ass. By 6 pm I was utterly bored out of my wits. But the concert didn’t start till 10. Little Nat, she was the first person to befriend me at P******m, helped me out with that. Little Nat is also a Copywriter and she reminds of a rabbit, I don’t know why but she is so much fun like a rabbit must be as per the logical conclusion reached by my brain. I never question my brain’s logic and it never questions my actions. I know she will read this so I am really hoping she likes rabbits!

So Lil Nat had tricked a couple of friends in to coming for interview at P******m, I am sure her ulterior motive is to make their lives hell when they join as they will be our juniors. I am already with her on this plan, if she hatches it that is. So her friends got done with everything at 7 pm. There after we headed to Fat Kong’s for a quick bite where over an interesting conversation involving magicians, few books, a bookstore and Chinese people, we had some sumptuous if not authentic Chinese food.

I left the place at 8.30 pm to meet up a friend of a friend who lives near Toto’s. I had discovered him the night before. He turned out to be a rocker trapped in a Banker’s body, torn between what he wants to do and what he is trained to do. We discussed music over rum and vodka while The Doors performed in the background. At 10 we left his place to pick up my super duper sweetest wonderful friend NJ from a suburban 5 star hotel, named after one of the wonders of the world. She was compeering some award show that night and since she is flying off to London on Sunday this was a rare opportunity for us to catch up.

By 10:30 we were standing in the long queue outside that funnily-colored-amphibian named place when we were joined by her fiancé and he is also a N but we shall call him Mr NJ.

We paid 300 bucks entry each to get in. Yes entry. Were we going to a pub or fucking Louvre? But it was a night for Jim and nothing else mattered. We went inside the belly of the funnily-colored-amphibian and it was jam packed. We could barely find place on the floor to rest our feet on! Next two hours we were all entranced by the tribute to The Doors. It was a fabulous effort by them and my evening was very enjoyable till I had to pay for my booze. 360 quids for a large Old Monk! Considering a quarter of Old Monk costs under 50 this was huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge turn off. I didn’t know inflation was this bad….

Anyway I reached back home by 2:30 and hit the bed by 3 am. At 5:30 am I was jolted out of my sleep by a phone call from my dear friend C, also known as kurtnirvana, who as usual was in trouble as his backpacking trip got tripped and now he was in no position to backtrack. Insomnia reclaimed its rightful place and I fought very hard with it to sleep till the alarm clock announced that the bout was over. It was almost a knock out or at least that’s how I felt.

When I got out of the bed my stomach felt as if I had eaten tube lights and drank sulphuric acid the night before. Even after breakfast and shower I didn’t feel any better. Got ready for work. Remembered it was the 4th of July aka Independence day so I showed my patriotism by dressing up in Red, Blue and White. In fact even my underwear had all three colors just in case you wanted to know. Blue jeans, White jacket and a Red tee with the photo of the greatest American hero on it. Ernesto Che Guevara.

Reached office in a miserable state. The fact that I had to sit through a training session didn’t help my cause much. All the caffeine I had ingested in the name of coffee to drug my brain in to consciousness failed against the potent sedative like effect of a training session. It was quickly followed by lunch where I was in no state to eat much so I stole half of Lil Nat’s lunch while she nibbled happily on my now super famous sandwich.

After lunch there wasn’t much happening for me to bore you with. Got out of work quite early and reached home by 7ish. Ran in to Bai again but she was in hurry to leave so I was spared. Around 8:30 my friend R, the one whom I bug the most, decided she wanted to watch a movie so we headed to InOrbit but the movie was sold out. It would have been my first hindi movie since 29th Sept 2007! With the movie out of picture we settled for a coffee.

At least I did. I had a black coffee. She had some fizzy green thing with a dollop of vanilla also known as Green Apple Soda. Sounds like Appy Fizz with green color added to it, which is probably what it was. We had some very profound discussions about cavities and fractures and accidents and lots of other similarly interesting stuff. Then we headed back. Since it was late we decided not to watch a movie at my place but she couldn’t get an auto to take her to her place.

So being the perfect gentleman I am I walked her to her place which was like 20 mnts walk away. We talked through the slight drizzle and over the din of the traffic and voila we were outside her building! On the way back there was not a single drop of rain. Apparently the naughty Rain God just wanted to get her soaked and poor me got caught in the collateral damage.

Tomorrow is 5th of July aka Saturday. I have to go to work as it’s the first Saturday of the month so the Director of P******m will be running us through the numbers for the last month. And then we get FREE LUNCH! Yippee. There is something called free lunch but you have to be a P******mer to get it. And in the night my dearest friend, we call him Amkag remember, is coming from Belgium bringing with him a Green Fairy for me 🙂.