Trouble (verb) : Synonyms: Manik, adversity, afflict, aggrieve, ailment, anger, calamity, care, commotion, complaint, crisis, danger….

Trouble has an uncanny knack for finding me. Despite the years of my life that I have wasted in transforming from the bad boy to the good boy, I just can’t seem to avoid trouble. Either I am in trouble or I am trouble.

Rant aside, so another week sneaked by me before I could even realize. To say it was a busy week it would be the understatement of the century. Actually that was a joke, why didn’t you laugh? Let’s see what I did in those 5 days at work. Apart from 2 meetings, 1 presentation, 2 brainstorming sessions, 1 PPT, 1 Concept Note and few ideas for ads…. nothing. Oh yea and add the blogs I put up last week to that list. Now now now I am not the guy who loves to work too much but I like to justify my salary no matter how little it is! Hopefully this week I will be attached to a team, as right now I am sort of freelancing at P******m, so I can get something to do. After all there is a limit to the amount of Hangaroo you can play at work right?

A few weeks back I had said I don’t understand women at all. Now I would like to change my statement a bit. I don’t understand women even more than I did when I said I don’t understand women. Understand? No? Ok let me explain. Thursday I had a disagreement with my friend, lets call her Mermaid, not to be confused with another friend who is called the Code Mermaid. So on Saturday night I sent her a long mail and when I say long I mean it was a 1000 word essay. A thesis to be precise. And I totally expected her to flip out today but all she had to say was that I was the “silliest goose” she has ever known. Now where did that come from! She has promised to reply to my email so I am hoping I can find out what exactly happened here.

So weekend ended. Saturday in the afternoon I made some amazing tea as usual and enjoyed every last sip of it and then at night I met up with the lovely couple S and A whom I had introduced you all to the weekend before. Also joining us was my friend who stays with me, lets call him Sean and let him have his 15 seconds of ifame. Sean still works at Sufferland and used to be an editor at a time but now he has developed a unique skill set. He has mastered the art of kamikaze so if any of you is looking for a freelancing kamikaze let me know and I’ll put you through to him.

Sunday was quite different. I recently joined this group called Caferati, not to be confused with the Illuminati, which is basically a network of local writers. They meet up once a month and read their work and receive feedback on the same. So I ventured all the way to the US Club in Navy Nagar for the same, not that I don’t trust your feedback but its always good idea to have a second opinion. There were about 20 people in all there, all strangers except one colleague from P******m. There were all kinds of people there right from a 16 year old girl who had come with her mom to some old people. I also met the first lady of P******m. I had no idea till she mentioned it. I wasn’t the first one to go, and I shall always be thankful for that. As people one by one read before and received feedback it turned out that this particular group of people really hated clichés. And for a good reason, as they explained later. Now being the self proclaimed king of clichés seeing others getting reprimanded for the same helped me quickly reinforce the walls of the castle around my heart. So when my turn came I stood up and read my poem and turned my other cheek No, not the ass cheek silly but the other cheek. One that’s hidden behind my beard. And yes you read it right I read a poem. I same out quite unscathed. Probably because it was my first time but yes I received a well earned lesson in clichés and as you can see I still haven’t learnt from it but I am trying. So after the meet we all munched on some lovely snacks, they were really good! Then it was time to leave but the rains didn’t seem to agree with us on that. Luckily a kind lady gave a few of us a ride to the Churchgate station from where I went to The Sports bar in Phoenix Mills and met up a colleague from work, lets call him Nana. He was with a couple of friends and we had few drinks and shot some hoops as usual before heading out. I reached home around mid night and soon it was Monday and the weekend was gone just like the week before it.

Now its Monday and I am at work. Its 11:40 and the girl who sits next to me, lets call her Shy, has not shown up. She didn’t turn up on Friday also. On Thursday she was last seen boarding a bus with me at Santa Cruz and then later boarding an auto at Goregaon with me. Uh oh! No wait. I didn’t do anything dammit!

4 thoughts on “Trouble (verb) : Synonyms: Manik, adversity, afflict, aggrieve, ailment, anger, calamity, care, commotion, complaint, crisis, danger….

  • Quicksilver!

    ROFL@ I recently joined this group called Caferati, not to be confused with the Illuminati.

    And Manik, sleeping friend not waking up in YOUR home. Girl-who-disappeared- was last seen with YOU. hmmmm…kuch gadbad zaroor hai!;)

    You know *strikes a Dilip-Kumar-in-deep-thought-pose* I’ve just realised that inspite of being one myself, I don’t understand women either.But the great bit is, I no longer want to!:)

    And I love the ‘Blogs that I honor with a few moments of my precious life’,line. Honoured;)))

  • Che


    Yea I dont whats wrong. Everyweek something suspicious happens. I already look like a terrorist any ways. Who will believe in my innocence 🙁

    Well I havent given up on understanding women yet as I keep have to deal with them all the time. Will decode it some day.

    Ah well the honor is all mine 🙂


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