Till Delhi Diaries get back on track…

Social Networking websites are interesting. They all claim to be the bestest, easiest and funnest way to connect with friends, colleagues, fans, devotees, wannabe fraands, stalkers, nymphomaniacs, spammers and if all those weren’t enough some unfortunate ones manage to connect with their family members too!

It all started when Orkut first burst one the scene claiming to be the best thing ever since sex. For those of you who are yet to experience the overrated chore, I can tell you from experience that Orkut has got nothing on sex, however if you are lucky Orkut might get you some.

Requests from my fans flooding my inbox forced me to get on to Orkut, where obviously my fame spread quickly around the world, especially in Brazil from where I even started receiving phone numbers and marriage proposals from women, and sometimes men too. My growing popularity on Orkut meant it was consuming too much of my time hence upon a friends recommendation I moved to a new thing called Facebook.

Facebook had burst upon the scene claiming to be the best thing since Orkut. They werent completely wrong. It was lot more safe and secure and spammers hadn’t discovered it yet. This was on place I could peacefully interact with a few people I knew and I liked it.

Ever since I moved to Facebook I accepted friends requests very carefully. Only the best of the best fans were allowed to the honor of having me in their friends list. Which technically means that most the people who are on my friends list know me quite well right? Wrong.

I recently received umpteenth email from some thing called compare friends which told me that my fans have been comparing me with their friends and pleaded me to check my rankings.

Lets take a look at and discuss some of the crap it threw up at me. Here are the top 25:


Someone beat me at craziness? One of my fans must have MJ on their friends list.
Better Catch….hmm…well looks like you people finally do accept that I am an amazingly amazing guy.
Better at Science? really? Hmm. Good thing my college grades are a secret then.
Well next 2 are fairly obvious but WTF? 2 people beat me at smartness? Whom did you compare me to? Homer Simpson?

Better dancer? WTF? Either you guys have a great sense of humor or you have been lucky enough to have never seen me dance! Ask Jingle Belle or go read what happened when she invited me to Christmas Ball 😛

More Fashionable….umm well yea OCTSD does have some fringe benefits you see.
funnier, can drink more, blah blah, isnt that obvious from my blog?
More likely to win in a fight? WTF! Hello? I am yet to date a woman who weighs less than me!
More likely to skip class…..dammit! This is what happens when you add people from college. %$^$&^^$^%$%$^#

Better Singer than 3 people???? Hahahhahaha. Oh wait. I did go to a college with large number of Deaf students. And I can tell you they couldnt sing for sure!

More loyal….just 3 out of 6….dammit! I am not really a casanova I tell you!
Kinder 3 out of 8…well I guess I deserve it for being an offender.

Ah well thats all till I get time to write a real post.

PS: My baby has been resurrected 😀

34 thoughts on “Till Delhi Diaries get back on track…

  • Still thinking

    Sexier????? They’ve gone bonkers for sure.

    Now if I was one of ‘those’ friends of yours, I’d give No. 25 to be 100%. Seriously, they don’t verify their statistics!

  • Che


    social networking itself is creepy. internet is full of men, men pretending to be women and men pretending to be children.
    long weekend party time 🙂


    things i have to do to show that i am not anti-social after all.


    May be some of them have seen what you havent 😛 I mean my sexier side!
    There are 3 no 25s :-/

  • Che


    You know about my life. Was there a need to be sarcastic 😛


    Haha why? I am sure men will give you 10 out of 10 😉

  • Running in circles.

    Copyriotpersonisreallyfunny XD

    Don’t even get started about it.
    Real life freaks are giving me wrinkles already.
    I’m trying to live a normal life 😛


  • Che




    err by party i mean i will be sitting at home with bottles of rum and coke and who ever drop in can drink 🙁

  • Pavi!!!!

    lol..we all seem to be falling back on FB until we get real things to write! i did the same !

    BTW..i owe a lot to FB..it discovered i was bipolar….n i dint have to pay a penny!

  • Running in circles.

    how much is that doggie in the window
    bow wow
    the one with the waggily tail :O

    Trust me, haha being normal is difficult.
    Way more difficult.

    Oh well youre better off with rum and coke and
    i miss rum too 🙁

  • sanely insane

    orkut did get me sex 🙂 and lotsa friends…somehow i manage to locate the right ppl

    i think long train journeys are the best social networking tools 😛

    u r wella…koi ad vad naee banaana hai kya…u got time to check out stuff like compare rankings!!! i jst wish i knew how to turn it off…grr grr

  • Che


    I have never claimed to be alive 😛


    yes yes fb isnt totally a waste of time at all. To start a conversation just mention the changed interface and everyone at the party will jump in with their same old new opinion.


    being normal according to rest of the world is hard, but who gives a shit about them 😛

    I actually drank beer 🙁

  • Che

    @sanely insane:

    How sure are you that *it* was a naturally born female?
    I am not vella, i have just mastered the art of appearing productive!

    @pseudo intelly:

    Oh yes I condemn both of them too.


    Those buses! They run so late I tell you!

  • sanely insane

    the same way u believe u r a man 😛

    ‘it’ had mammary glands

    ‘it’ had vaginal crevices

    ‘it’ spoke and behaved like a girl

    hence the conclusion that the ‘it’ lying in my arms was infact a girl…

    eureka 😛

    beyond that if i have been befooled and the ‘it’ was infact something else…then really i dont mind…it was convincing enuf

    btw dude…never seen u on my blog…u hate it that much kya?

  • Che

    @sanely insane:

    Ah my friend my question was whether *it* was naturally born female or not 😛

    Any way I know I am a man because everyone tells me “You are the man!” 😀

    Although all these obscure references might be lost 🙁

    And no dude I dont hate you blog or anything. You write stories on your blog and any one who can write stories automatically becomes a proper writer in my eyes and i dont think i am qualified to comment on stories 🙂

  • sanely insane

    they might be humoring u…rememeber Jim Carrey in that movie where he is brought up in a Studio 😉

    hmm hmm will let u kno when i’m posting something non story like 😛

    my definition of proper writers are ppl who make money from writing… 🙂

  • Running in circles.


    arey man lets not talk about all that though
    lets just keep it at ims trys to beez normalssss

    I was hoping you’d drink rum 😐
    And have a patiala on my behalf.
    but bah yoo
    atleast yoo hads beer
    yum 🙁

  • Che

    @sanely insane:

    Nah, they have just accepted the existence of a higher being, that is me 😉
    Proper writers make money if they are lucky 🙁


    No no my dear, i got it right! you still have the brains on you 😛


    runnavati 😀
    I rubbed off on you 😛

    I didnt know what to drink! Old Monk or Captain Morgan…so i chose beer instead :-X

  • Deepali

    Haha – Imagine your rating on ‘more likely to win a fight’. I bet it was either, you against a 10 year old or people voting were thinking debate instead of fight 😛

    Btw I nearly always ignore all such things on FB


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