Rest In Peace, My Beloved

I never believed in love at first sight till I saw you. And the moment I held you in my hands, I knew that you were the one. Your face was lit up like an Angel with a halo and your voice was sweeter than a Siren. Ten minutes with you and I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

And what an amazing pair we made. Everytime I would bring you to a party all eyes would turn to you. All men would want to hold you and all women wanted to know more about you. And I was so proud to show you off. I would gush about you to friends, to family, to colleagues and to anyone who would listen!

For 3 years we went through the best of the times and the worst of the times. But we did it together. And you stuck by me. Despite my wayward ways. Despite all the attention I showered up on women right in front of you, sometimes even using you to flirt with them. On some nights, that I was too drunk to remember, I even treated you badly, pushing you out of the auto on the way home a few times. But you always made sure I reached home safely. And as I lay passed out on my bed/carpet/floor you would always be there keeping an eye on me.

And then just like that you are no more. I can’t believe it. I refuse to accept it. I feel so helpless without you. There is no one like you. You complete me. I miss you. I love you. I alway will.

Rest in peace, my beloved Sony Ericsson W900i.