We found truth in a hopeless place

“Every belief, every considering something true, is necessarily false because there is simply no true world.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Albert Camus once, obviously absurdly, called it the greatest problem of the 20th century. Well guess what drama queen, it is 21st century now and that’s no longer a problem but the solution to life and everything else.

The dreaded N-word that gets the existentialists frothing at their mouths is no longer a philosophy but a way of life.

Nihilism. Also known as what-is-the-fucking-point-of-anything. Have you looked at what’s around you? The colossal fuck up, also known as the world, is not problem that you and I can solve. It is a problem that we learn to live with till some or the other body part decides to commit seppuku and gifts us the sweet release in the process.

How else does one explain that a country of over 600 million men allows yet another day to pass with cows being treated better than women? How else does one explain that the amount of melanin in your skin decides whether you are a terrorist or just a troubled youth? How else does one explain unverified words by imaginary beings used to justify barbaric behaviour? How else does one explain farmers killing themselves over a fistful of money when businessmen are swindling banks without any fear? The list is endless. 

Hope left this planet long ago when we gave up our individuality. When we decided to create morals, society, Gods, and finally governments. We lost all hope when we let a few people decide what’s right and wrong for you and I.

What dreams are you talking about? What ambitions? What goals? What change? Put that Prozac down. The revolution you were waiting for isn’t coming. The revolution that we got is Netflix and chilling.

Still in denial? Who the fuck do you think you are? No, you are not special. Your sense of entitlement is nothing but pure delusion. You don’t deserve a better world or a meaningful life. You don’t have a solution, you are the problem. You let this happen. We are all guilty.

If you haven’t given up already, now is as good a time as any. As Bob Marley would have told you if he were alive today, “Give up, sit down, don’t put up a fight”. What would you fight for any way? There is no you or me. There is no individual identity. We are nothing but resources for those whom we put in power and no amount of listening to Rage Against The Machine is going to help you take that power back. 

Life doesn’t come with an instruction booklet for a reason. We are programmed right from our birth to our death. You think you are making choices but your options are already decided. It is a 6 step program. Get born, study, get a job, get married, produce more resources, and die. Oh and pay taxes, so make that 7 steps. Any attempt to create an 8th step will be deemed as an act of rebellion and will be crushed with excessive force. All you can do is wait for the last step to end your misery, like the rest of us. 

Accept that there is only one truth. We are nothing but mass produced samples of the same toy with different expiry dates. Just wait for yours.

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