Dilli Diaries – Day 1 Part 1

So as you may know, or not, I was in Delhi for 4 days and whether you care, or not, I am going to blog about it. Its my blog dammit! So you better start caring or I will kick you off it, Ok?

Now that we are clear on that lets proceed. So I went to Delhi. Why? None of your business! But I will tell you any way. It was NJ’s wedding! Who is NJ? WTF! You read my blog and you don’t know who is NJ!!!! Shame on you! She is one of my bestest friends. So it was NJ’s wedding and it was in Delhi. Why in Delhi? Gah! Fuck you, I am not answering all your questions dammit!

So I had booked my flight for 2 pm on Go Air. Two days before the journey, I get an SMS that “the flight has been cancelled due to reasons beyond control of Go Air”. %$#[email protected]$#%$#%$ WTF??? Reason beyond control…hmmm…..like not enough tickets sold? Any way I called the dumb fucks up and requested to be put on 12:40 flight. The lady said she would send me a confirmation on my phone and email within 3 hours. That was easy! Or was it?

5 hours gone and nothing on phone or email. I should have known! Called up again, got lots of apologies and the same promise. Woke up next day. Same old story, no sms or email. WTF! Them bastards! Called up again, this time the guy bothered to confirm my email. The email they had on record was [email protected] WTF??? The idiots had sent me the tickets for the now-cancelled-flight on my right email and they were sending the tickets for my now-confirmed-flight to a wrong email? How the fuck did they manage that? Any way gave them the right email, got same apologies and stuff. I have plenty apologies from Go Air now, any one wants to buy them?

Finally printed the e-ticket, reached home and slept. Woke up in the morning and realized I had to pack. Argh! I recalled the trip to Delhi I made in December 2007 and remember how my unmentionables had almost frozen that time. Hurriedly I packed the heaviest clothes I could find in to a bag, rushed to Sardar’s house and picked up the jacket he used to wear in London and headed to the airport.

Reached airport, checked in my luggage, passed the security check without being molested or asked to remove my shoes. Killed some time drinking black coffee and staring back at people who were staring at me. Of course my dear D2 was giving me company all the while. The boarding call was 20 minutes late but soon I found myself in the aisle seat of emergency exit with loads of leg room! Sweet innit? What happened next? Wait for the plane to land, electronic equipments not allowed to be used during the flight idiot!