Love Me Hate Me but Work dammit!

So where was I? Oh yes the keyboard. Well as you all know, me and electronics have a long feuding history. No wait, its more of a love-hate thing. I love electronics but they seem to hate me. Every now and they connive to throw my life out of gear and I have to spend hours and hour to get it back on track. This weekend was no different.

Wasn’t it a last month when my PC died on me and I needed to cough up a good sum to resurrect it? And a couple of weeks back my lovely Denons stopped working, still haven’t gotten around to getting them fixed yet. And then this weekend my keyboard took it upon itself to make my life miserable.

The keyboards by nature are usually very harmless creatures. They are extremely cooperative and easy to work with. But when they go loony you don’t want to be in their way. What’s the worst a keyboard can do you ask? Oh man you have no idea! A keyboard has a very important place in the life of a copywriter, especially one who has a terrible, terrible handwriting.

I am very finicky about my keyboards. I usually pay exorbitant rates for them. Till last year I was very happily using an “ergonomic” split keyboard from the company that makes buggy software and pricey hardware. The keyboard seemed to love me too, for it hadn’t thrown a tantrum in 6 year and we were still going strong. Then my friend C, gave me this uber chic, amazing wireless keyboard, also from the company that makes buggy software and pricey hardware. This keyboard was like Kate Moss of keyboards. Slim, Sexy and no strings attached. Ok not Sexy but then I don’t find my keyboard sexy either.

So I gave away my old wired keyboard to C, obviously its an amazing keyboard so he wanted to use it. I was totally in love with this new one. I loved running my fingers over it and if you touched it in the right places it gave all the right responses. And it being wireless meant I could sit on my bed and control my system. In short, be even more lazy. Ah we were a match made in heaven!

It was all great till this Saturday. I don’t know what happened to it. It just started throwing tantrums. It developed a will of its own. Now I knew what AI meant. You pressed E and My Computer window popped up. You pressed D and every thing got minimized. And God Forbid if you pressed L, the PC got locked. Not fun when you have a password on your system which has these letters in it!

Being the geek I am you can trust me to have tried everything possible to fix it apart from opening up the keyboard and removing the goddamn “windows/start” key that seemed to be the root of all this. Whole Saturday was a headache thanks to this. Finally I gave up and asked him to get my old keyboard back. In between, thanks to Sean, there was a Bluetooth saga, its Bluetooth keyboard, which wasted around 2 hours but I won’t get in to much details of that part.

I shot off a SMS to C in wee hours of Sunday for the keyboard and he didn’t show up with one till 4 in the evening. Lil Nat called up and invited me to her boyfriend AR’s birthday party. They were having a barbecue! How could I ever say no to that?

So I went and shopped for a gift for AR, some shopping for me for reason I shall explain in my next blog and of course groceries. Bai had managed to get hold of me again. Need to stop being at home on weekends.

Reached the party at lil past 8. There were already many people there. I recognized Lil Nat, AR, Jhayau, his girlfriend MW and of course Coffey! Yes Lil Nat is not as racist as she seems, she loves Chinese people even though she thinks they all look the same. Oh wait I wasn’t supposed to say that! There was barbecued chicken and beer and wine. No points for guessing what I grabbed first. Oh and yea I ate chicken too.

I was at my anti-social best. Apart from the people I mentioned I didn’t really talk to anyone else. Me, Coffey and Jhayau sat around talking and drinking. Soon the cake was cut and AR was made to chug 2 beers and Lil Nat was made to down a glass of wine in one go. They both managed to keep the liquids within themselves quite well.

Soon it was past 10 and I was past 4 beers. Every one was leaving one by one. It started raining quite hard which was fun. I remembered I had to be up at 6. So I left at the same time as Lil Nat and Coffey. Reached home and crashed only to be up at 3:30 am. What happened next shall follow later.

6 thoughts on “Love Me Hate Me but Work dammit!

  • Still thinking

    If you can write all that on a keyboard (emotions et al), imagine the bestseller that’s gonna come out of that PC soon.

    As QI mentioned, did you do away with all the ‘GF’ or is there a post we need to wait for? 🙂

    Btw, does coffey speak Mandarin?

  • Jhayu

    I am eternally graced!! A mention on this sacred space!
    Also, when C came with ‘a keyboard’, was it your old lover keyboard?
    And why didn’t you mention the chicken marinated in Coke?

  • Che


    Ah well he better be a really nice person since he ends up spending most of him free time in my apartment!
    Well yea I have a working keyboard but i miss the wireless one. it was super cool.

    And yea I still have half a bottle of absinthe left 🙂

    @Still :

    Ha. you overestimate my abilities 🙂
    I can barely keep my readers interested in 2 pages, a book would be as interesting as war and peace or a suitable boy.

    No no dear there is still some green fairy to go around.
    Took shots of it last weekend. Must say doesnt go down very well.

    And yes Coffey speaks Mandarin.

    @Jhayu :

    Oh yes kid. you are now officially famous.
    Yes it was my old lovely keyboard. still working after 6 years. Now thats 70 dollars invested well.

    There is no chicken.

  • Sree

    Hello Che…been reading you for some time now.Glad to know that you type with so much passion ,like touching the love of your life etc and the result is what we get to read! :p

    Hope to see a poetry post soon.What say?

  • Che

    Hello to you.
    When madness is your gift passion is your life.
    Ah well yea wish my life was more interesting but till it doesnt you will have to suffer through such trivial posts.

    Why make others suffer? If you want to read poems Ill tell you where to find them.


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