Who ate my Cheese?

All 3 of them. And bacon. And ham. And 3 slices of multi-grain bread! Strange things are known to happen to me and this was one of them. Let me explain.

Thursday night I was in office till 10:30. Doing what? Erm well hatching the plan for world domination with a colleague. The wheels are in motion and the world shall soon be mine. And just to quote Stewie Griffin, its cool to quote cool people, “When the world is mine, your death shall be quick and painless.” We were so brain fucked that when we reached Fat Kong for food we had another interesting conversation with the waiter.

“Sir what would you like to order”

“Two Chicken Manchurian Soup”

“But Sir Chicken Manchurian will be dry or with gravy”

“No No we want Chicken Manchurian Soup, we will order food later”

“You mean Chicken Manchow Soup?”

“Errr Yes. Thats it.”

Chicken Manchurian soup? Wtf were we think. Oh wait we weren’t thinking. That was the problem. Any way had food from there and headed home.

Next day reached office late. By 11. There was no usual Friday training as our director is down with malaria, and a pretty bad case too. We bugged Lil Nat in to giving us a birthday treat so she agreed to take us out for lunch. The BDs were also going out for lunch and somehow a few of us who worked hard on the beauty pageant pitch called pulled in to it. So I had to miss Lil Nat’s treat L. Any way I was working with my BD till almost 2 on the pitch for a movie ticket booking site.

The lunch with the BDs was at a fancy place, lets call it MTC. It took us 10 minutes to reach the place and another 15 minutes to get to the restaurant. The lift was broken. First we went through 3 floors of a mall using escalators and then had to go through 2 floors of a supermarket using escalators and then find a flight of stairs tucked away in a corner to reach the place. MTC is quite nicely made. Interesting murals and concepts. We chose to sit outside on the terrace enjoying the breeze.

But that’s where the niceties end. What unfolded over next 2 hours was a travesty of forgotten orders, unavailable food, and slow service. And I am being very kind here. To top it off my Chicken Stroganoff turned out to be some kind of soup. And add to that the company and it al pretty much fit in place perfectly. To sum it up a funeral would have been more cheerful for me.

Came back only to hear how much “fun” Lil Nat’s lunch party was. Oh did I tell you we have a new Chinese intern and his name is Coffey. You cannot imagine how much fun we are having. At his expense of course. Our plans to go to Toto’s didn’t materialize and I headed home. Since I had my lunch at MTC my super sandwich was sitting in the fridge and Lil Nat said she would take it home. Went for a beard trim and came back with bacon. As soon as I reached home I got a call from Lil Nat. Someone had already eaten up my sandwich! Memories of school days flooded back. Yes my Food was stolen from my office. How weird is that. My friend C showed up and he had got bacon too. So we ate bacon and watched movie. I had one rum and coke and slept.

Saturday my friend, we call him Ganpat so lets call him G, came over. He works in pune so we don’t get to meet very often. We headed over to another friends place, we call him Sardar though he isn’t. We had lunch with Sardar, his mom, sister, nephew and his girlfriend whom I met for the first time.

Went to Sufferland building to have coffee at CCD and meet Sean. Sean either sleeps or works and since he wasn’t sleeping we had to go to Sufferland to meet him. Somehow during all this I lost my sunglasses. On Friday on the way back from MTC a colleague, lets call her PTG, had asked me to try her aviators and said I should get them as they suit me and I had told her that these had lasted me 3 years and I would buy aviators only when I break these. And look I didn’t even have to break them. Gah! One expense I could do without. I can feel OCTSD dance with joy.

R was off to Pune so didn’t watch any movies this weekend. I wanted to watch Dark Knight though she has threatened to take me to watch Kismat Konnection. Lets see what transpires. Went to Sufferland in the night to meet my team and colleagues. Finally got my Best TL certificate for the month of Jan. So that’s what Friday and Saturday did to me. Ill get back to you about Sunday and Monday on Tuesday. I left out my battle with my keyboard as this is getting too long. Ill update you on that later. Over and Out.

5 thoughts on “Who ate my Cheese?

  • Jhayu

    No no!! We must know about the keyboard!!!! Also, did you have your sammiches hijacked by mean boys in your school? Aww. And yeah, Lil Nat’s bday treat was fun. *evil grin*

  • Che

    Oh dont worry you will have full detailed thesis on the keyboard issue soon. My tiffin was always eaten but not by mean boys but friends. Usually before the interval itself. Oh yea Lil Nat’s bday was fun? The party last night was too 😛


    ah well I am the guilty party here.
    Its just a habit i have picked up of mentioning the Word Verification thats asked when I post a comment.
    Inane and harmless like me 🙂

  • Still thinking

    Chicken Manchurian soup…lol! Thank you, you know why I’m thanking you (you don’t???). Hey, you need to not abbreviate the places you go to – I’m logging them all for my next visit (and no, I won’t stalk you at these places ;)) And since when did we start thinking how long the post is, it’s your space dude, just write as you please, I’ll keep checking. Howz the Monday Blues?

  • Che


    Umm I dont know why you are thanking me unless its for not abbreviating Fat Kong!

    Hey if you need to know where to go just ask 😛

    And you promise not to stalk me as if that would be a bad thing 😉

    Ah well I feel like I am boring my fans with inane details if i write too much.

    Monday blues will be felt on tuesday. You shall find out why tomorrow.


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