OCTSD Strikes Back!

Oh yes it did, but I have people to blame for it this time! My wallet had still not recovered fully from Thursday’s bout of illogical purchasing decision when I had, what the doctors would call, a relapse. And it all started with a SMS.

Friday was a usual day at work. In other words there was no work. Nothing. Zero. Nil. Zilch. Nada. Came in and sat through the usual Friday’s training presentation. Then came the slight twist. I had won a bet with Lil Nat the day before so she was supposed to pay for my lunch. So we decided to order pizza. Now since I would not eat any crappy pizza we had to order from Joey’s. Joey’s is so far away that they wouldn’t deliver a single pizza so we had to tempt some more people. And what a feast we had. Ah the heavenly feeling as I gobbled The Meats with extra bacon of course. Yum yum yum. Only thing that beats free lunch is free tasty lunch.

After lunch I sat down and finished my last blog. I was about to end it when I received a SMS from A, asking me to come and watch a movie with her and S at 7. And as the whole world knows movie, food and alcohol are 3 things I never say no to. So I found myself out of the office at 6 to catch a rick to this new Mall in Goregaon (E). However I didn’t find myself “in” a rickshaw till 6:20 as for some strange reason there was no a single rickshaw available and I walked for good 15 minutes before I could get one.

I reached the Mall at 6:50 only to find out that there was some miscommunication and the movie was to start at 7:30. Gah! Time is not very hard to kill if you are in a Mall and your weapon is a credit card. OCTSD took over as I found myself walking in to that same store that means lively spirit. I walked around trying to find something to buy to no avail. I asked about that same bag that I wanted to buy but they didn’t seem to have it. The disappointment seemed to be an antidote for OCTSD and I managed to talk myself in to walking out. But before I reached the door they called me back. They had found the bag! Yippee! Oh wait, I couldn’t afford to pay for it. OCTSD and sanity fought for control but logic won in the end as when I opened the bag I was disappointed. It wasn’t practical at all. So I walked out having conquered OCTSD for once.

It was just 7:10. More time to kill. So I walked in to a store called Lifestyle, by which I suppose they mean credit card debt, and got stuck in the section of the brand named after the town where all yellow people live. Yes stuck, as in I just couldn’t walk out of there. I kept walking to and fro between the TShirts, the Denims, the Cargos and the Jackets. I kept praying A or S would call me out saving me but they didn’t. And I paid the ransom for my release with 2 Tshirts.

Then I went to the Ticket Counter to meet A and S but the seats available were terrible so we dropped the idea and headed to my place in A’s car. A’s car incidentally is one that looks like submissive mouse, same that Lil Nat bought. Reached home, woke up Sean, ordered beers and we sat around talking till they left.

Saturday I managed to get good seats for 3 pm show so I went with S,A and R to see the movie. It turned out to be a horrible, horrible flick, I will not take its name because I don’t want discourage you all from torturing yourself through it. Yes Code Mermaid was right when she warned me not to watch it but then since when do I listen to women? Ran in to like 20 people from Sufferland who were suffering through the same movie. Turns out they aren’t that bad people outside office! Four of us grabbed a quick bite and beer at Nando’s and left with full tummy and flaming lips. Grabbed a black coffee and headed home.

Then my friend C aka kurtnirvana came over. He and Sean went and got some more pizza from Joey’s. Double Yum. At midnight called up T and wished her Happy Birthday. Couldn’t get through to Lil Nat. Then they started to watch There will be Blood, and I tried to sleep. Obviously I couldn’t till they stopped watching movies at 3.

Woke up on Sunday at 7 but didn’t leave bed till 10. C was asleep on the rug. Remembered I had an appointment for hair cut in Bandra. Showered, had lunch and was off. Lil Nat called up as she wanted to buy a Heineken beer keg for her boyfriend, let’s call him AR, as his birthday was coming on Monday. But I had already left and I am still to find out how did she manage to get the keg from the store to his place all on her own.

Reached the haircut place. Got a hair cut. I had one instruction for him, get rid of the volume! Yes I have too much hair. Jim Morrison once said “Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts”, I shall find out if mine qualifies for the same soon.

Got Lil Nat a birthday gift. What else but a giant Wabbit holding a carrot! I knew she would hate me for that. S and A called up, they were at a coffee shop. Had a coffee with them and came home with them. Waited for Sean to finish watching The Wicker Man. Then it was time to release the Green Fairy.

A was too scared after all the horror stories I had told her about Absinthe’s effects so we just couldn’t convince her to drink it. I made 3 small drinks and we all tried it. Absinthe is interesting. It smells of fennel and tastes like fennel with a hint of mint. I thought it was quite ummmm tasty. Goes down very easily. Something girls would like to drink more. But is very potent. In short it’s the easiest way to get girls drunk. Too bad I didn’t discovered it 6 years back.

Once they left Lil Nat called up to say she was on the way to try Absinthe. She arrived with her boyfriend AR. Like A, even Lil Nat was too petrified to have Absinthe but like A she also drank a bit from her boy’s glass. I gave her the Wabbit and she wailed as expected. I had one large Absinthe with 1/3rd the amount of recommended dilution and I realized how potent it was. Got me all glowing with warmth and all. Still didn’t see any fairies. Once Lil Nat and AR left I downed some rum and at 1 am I crashed and burned only to rise from my ashes at 6, green fairy still lingering in my head.

8 thoughts on “OCTSD Strikes Back!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! You’ll have to decipher this OMG by yourself 🙂

    Best thing about your posts is that I feel as if I’m seeing the whole scene unraveling in front of me.


  • Che


    Hmm I assume this OMG is a part of one of my favorite things to say aka OMGWTF.

    wow thats like the best compliment i have receive ever! danke 😀

    Keep reading and keep writing!

  • A

    Hey objections!!!!!
    1) I made the drink n not u so dont give tht credit to urself…
    2) I did drink it tho not the whole glass… Probably because I wasnt interested to watch green faries 😉 n not because u scared me

    But all said n done I like the way u write… Keep going buddy!!!

  • Che

    @ ay ay ay Surya:

    Ah well if my life was more happening I could write about it more often!

    Well atleast I am up from one blog in 3 months to one in 3 days!

  • Che


    Well ok you *DID* make the drink but who gave the instructions 😛

    Haha well I did mention somewhere that you drank from your boy’s glass!

    tsk tsk people have been skipping the lines hmph.

    Oh well Ill keep writing but its you guys who have be my muse and provide me with material in my otherwise mundane life.

    Keep meeting me and Ill keep writing hehe.


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