When BEST isnt good enough

Disclaimer : All characters in this post are actual and any coincidence to anyone living (except for those mentioned) or dead is just their plain bad luck.

So this is how it goes. Once upon a time I and KurtNirvana were broke. We still are. But back then we were too. We used to travel to P******m by bus and used to buy 20 bucks ticket so we could save money. It took us 1.5 hours in bus each way but it was the cheapest way to travel, apart from walking that is, which probably would have taken same amount of time.

That particular day was really bad. After buying tickets we were left with total combined 2 bucks between us. I had all of it. I don’t remember that particular day very well. I had fever but I came to work. Why waste a leave to stay at home? So I felt like shit all day and took it all out on people around me with my now world famous sarcasm. Every one in office convinced me to leave early as I was not well but for not so obvious reasons.

So I left office at 7ish, read early, and since KurtNirvana had the usual day of no work and all poker, he left with me. We walked for 10 minutes to the Bus Stop at Juhu Garden to catch the 224 as it goes right by my apartment quickly and doesn’t take me on a world wide tour like stupid 79.

So we reached the bus stop and waited for the bus. And waited. And waited. I think after 1.5 hours of waiting i got restless and started pacing when I noticed an outline of what looked like a piece of cardboard stuck in a corner. It had something written in Marathi but i figured out the number 224 mentioned twice. Ting! I quickly got hold of KurtNirvana, who btw had been on phone all this while, and dragged him to the board.

He deciphered it to be a note proclaiming that the route of 224 has been changed and it now goes from some other stop. WTF! Bastards. So we inquired about the new route and found out it was 15 minutes walk away. With the 2 bucks in our pocket we just resigned our selves to fate and walked towards that place.

After walking for 15 minutes, we were clueless about where we were, so we asked around. One kind gentleman pointed out the bus stop we should have been at as we watched stupid 224 go away. Gah! This was no fun. Not at all. Looking at our desperation, same gentleman told us to go to the place from where this Bus started, which was like 5 minutes walk away.

By this time KurtNirvana was starving so I gave him the 2 bucks I had. As luck would have it there no one selling anything that he could buy for 2 bucks. So we walked on to the starting point and behold!, there were two 224s standing there! I wanted to run and hug them, but better sense prevailed. Asked the guy in charge there which one would leave first and he told us that the one on the left would leave first.

So we got in to that bus and sat there. And sat there for another 15 minutes, being attacked by mosquitoes on the outside and hunger on the inside, before the driver and conductor showed up. Finally the Bus started moving and we felt so relieved. But how could it have been so easy right?

The conductor asked us where were we headed and when I told him he said this bus wouldn’t go past my home as usual but will stop 25 minutes walk away from my home. WTF! So both us got off it and walked back to the starting point again. The second bus was still there. Phew! The guy in charge was surprised to see us and asked us why we got off so we told him the story. He was surprised and said that it was not right. He told us that the bus would have definitely gone past my apartment and that there was no reason for it to stop early. He said we shouldn’t have gotten off it. WTF???? Grrr. Any way the other Bus was still there so I asked him how long before it would depart.

The guy said that the bus had broken down and was just standing there. Argh! So I asked him how long before we could leave on another 224. So he calculated and said that it would be at least 10 minutes before a 224 would come in and then the driver would get his 30 minutes rest so at least 45 minutes or so. @^$&#*@@!^$ Bastards. Only reason we were going through this pain was because 79 took 30 minutes more than 224 to get me home and this was making it redundant.

Thats when we decided to walk to SV Road and catch 79 from there. So walked from there to a bus stop on SV Road. Got on the first 79 we could see and reached home 1.5 hours later at around 1 am. Yes thats right. It took us 6 fucking hours to reach home. Lesson learnt: Don’t try to rush home. Never. Never ever again.

51 thoughts on “When BEST isnt good enough

  • Still thinking

    If only you knew how to read marathi in the first place all this drama could have been saved! Or could it? Didn’t you hear the stuff that goes ‘when in Rome, learn Italian’

    Yeah! you can swear, it’s fine by me!

    Btw, with 2 bucks in hand how did you guys pay for your return fare?

  • Che

    @Still Thinking:

    Kaye Jhala? 😛
    Thats all marathi I know apart from Thamba 😉

    The 20 buck ticket we bought in morning is all day pass 😛

    @Still Still Thinking:

    good? you sure?

    @Still Still Still Still Thinking:

    I have been busy as you can figure out. Yes in office on a sunday too 🙁

  • Still thinking

    You’ll survive with those two words, except of course it’s a bus ride.
    It has been too long since I travelled by bus and I definitely wasn’t aware of this all day pass thingy, so don’t rub it too hard, okay!

    Yeah, I’m sure. It’s not very often I get to be the first to comment 🙂

    Goooooooooooooooooooo home…….

  • Running in circles.

    Poor you.
    Do you steal tissues at beerplaces and use them in summer ?
    But that’s cause I have a tissue stealing fantasy kind of thing.
    Its adrenaline, really 😛
    BEST buses are nice.
    They’re like traveling to pune almost 😐
    Did you eat at all?

  • Deepali

    Oh man are you serious? That’s crazy. 6 hours is crazy

    Haha and walking around with Rs.2 is just insane. You should always have at least enough money in your pocket to get your home via an auto.

    Oh and in case you haven’t heard, there is a concept called borrowing. And you can borrow all sorts of things from people including money 😛

  • Preeti


    this is hilarious stuff…

    sounds much better when read than said…if you know what i mean…

    and im sorry im laughing at what was a really gruelling experience… HAHAHAHA… i cant help it you see…

    but, poor you…. 🙁


  • Che

    Still @ Still:

    Thats not necessarily a bad thing! Bus no fun.

    @Non Stick Tazeen:

    Hope your cough disappeared at the sound of Geneva


    No because we men have thing contraption called handkerchief 😛
    And no you cant steal my handkerchiefs 😛
    Pune travel is fun. Thane is not. Did that recently 🙁

  • Che


    I never walk around with just Rs 2 but when thats *all* you have then you dont have much choice 😛
    And I am all for the borrowing bit, its the returning part I find hard to understand 😛


    Oh dont worry, misery loves company.
    Hmm i wonder what happened to those 2 bucks :-/


    You must remember that day! You called me when we were walking in circles 😛

  • Che


    Good catch. Damn i need to hire a proof reader. How much do you charge?
    And Yes Morrison is worth running for!


    Tsk no empathy for even KurtNirvana?

  • Preeti


    no no… poor KN…
    poor you too…

    sheesh… 1 am … !!!

    PS: come to think of it…nice ruse ha…all the women are going awww and poor you and what not…
    tsk tsk!!!

  • Che


    You think *I* need a ruse for that 😛


    Oh no no, like the golden ugandian proverb says one should never lend money, clothes and women. Rest is returned in good condition.


    You seem to have a masochistic streak! Why would you imagine yourself in that situation unless ofcourse instead of KurtNirvana I had some cute woman for company and those 2 rupess were 2 million. But then why the heck would we walk for the bus right. Hmm. My thoughts confuse me 🙁

  • copy rioter

    *this comment may suffer deletion*

    Listen BC, Proof-reading is a part of copy writing but maybe in p*******m it doesn’t matter.
    Anyways, for writers, proofreading is effortless; it’s not a “JOB”.

    By the way, your last few posts also reeked of copy errors –
    1. Baba drove me to CP where “we” was to drop me off

    2. by which “i” “mena” clothes and stuff

    Just because I’ve not been reading your posts for some time, you have started imagining you can get away with copy errors! Really?

  • Che


    Now I know why you are so cheerful this morning 😉
    You took everything out on me already 😛

    See things I have to do get my fans to come back, even if it means to make mistakes that they just cannot ignore 😉

  • sanely insane

    all of the two years in mumbai…i stuck to the princely locals and the autos…very rarely did i take the bus and that too only if i had to go down the SV road 2 kms and didnt want to walk…on a straight road they dont have much option to go newhere else but straight 😛

  • Che


    Dude the bus picks me up from outside office and plops me right outside my apt and i get to sit!


    Oh yea? I guess my next post will be on my experience in train!

  • Idle Wild

    first of all, i work every sunday so stop feeling sorry for yourself 😛 2nd of all, the purpose of this comment is simply to gloat about the 4-1 on saturday 😀 4-1!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeee!!!! 😛

  • Che


    Damn you just reminded me that I still have some left!


    Woman when its May and the trophy comes to Old Trafford yet again as we all know it will, I just might make a trip to Dilli to personally rub it in.

  • Idle Wild

    Boss, Liverpool are going to win the league once in my lifetime, and I ain’t gonna die soon so wats the hurry 😛 i am talking about the 4-1!!!!!!! 😛 man i have fought with so many ManU fans since then 😀 and they all say the same things, ‘we will win the league blah blah blah’ arre!!! 😛 we did the double.. wheee!!!! hahaha, just try that 😛

  • Idle Wild

    Boss, Liverpool are going to win the league once in my lifetime, and I ain’t gonna die soon so wats the hurry 😛 i am talking about the 4-1!!!!!!! 😛 man i have fought with so many ManU fans since then 😀 and they all say the same things, ‘we will win the league blah blah blah’ arre!!! 😛 we did the double.. wheee!!!! hahaha, just try that 😛

  • Che


    Woman dont be so sure. They might get relegated and never play in Premier League again.

    Every team can have a bad day in the field. We can afford to throw an odd bone once in a while to Liverpool to hold on to since they cant seem to hold any trophies 😛

  • Running in circles.

    1.In bombay, navigation is sweatiest,fastest by train

    PS:take the ac bus next time, if you’re not too broke xD

    I have a kerchief.
    I just don’t like dirtying it too much.
    Besides different tissues from different places are so cool.
    Especially PVR bathroom tissues 😐

  • Running in circles.

    Handkerchiefs = sweat only.

    Tissues = for every occasion, even to wipe tables when you’re bored out of your mind and all the beer in that place seems to have run out.
    The former of the sentence is self explanatory 😛

    In case of no tissue, use a mans hanky xD

  • Che


    exactly 😛


    I dont have much better experiences in trains. Shall enlighten you with them later.

    I dont sweat, I still use handkerchief 😛
    For drying hands and stuff.
    And for wiping stuff I guess you need tissue. or newspaper.

  • Running in circles.


    Men sweat 😛
    Women perspire 😛

    I would love to hear your train experience 😛

    Afterall who could describe it better 😛

    And besides I’m a pretty much a regular in Mumbai locals so 😛
    Actually any kind of transport in Mumbai 😐

  • Che


    *sigh* yes men sweat, but I dont do it much unless its super duper hot 😛

    Fine I shall post about the train experience I had 2 days back.

    Now days I am just regular in my office 😐

  • Running in circles.

    You sit in the ac for god sake in your regular visits at the office 😛
    You waste so much electricity, environmental repercussions which lead to global warming and us dying real soon 😐
    Kaboom,Tusnamisaurus :O

    And maybe some reptiles like spidey flick had 😐

    Write a bout your train story.

  • Che


    Yes office has ACs but they managed to find me a place that feels like its in Rajasthan 🙁

    I dont waste electricity! I have computer that doesnt work, a tv that doest work, speakers that dont work, ac that isnt installed. see I save so much electricity!

    Oh I will be long dead before all that happens, sucks for you young people though 🙁

  • Che


    Smart arent you 😛
    caught the reference.

    Hmm well that would be a ideal and natural proposition innit?

    Oh trust me I will be dead! I am working on it 😛
    For me anyone who can laugh at my jokes is young :-/

  • Preeti


    plij, PLIJ, PLIJ… dont be mad…!!! 🙁

    well…he had christened/rolled me as “the woman who has taken over my comments section…”

    so the reference was to that…


    I know you can handle multiple women but i refuse to give you the joy…

  • Che


    Arre why would I waste i mean use my sarcasm on you when you cant configure it 😛


    Its not joy, its my birth right!

  • Running in circles.

    Hmmpf well cuz you cant 😛
    I’m oblivious to it 😛
    don’t be mean

    Of course not 😛
    I’m not mad one bit
    haha, actually I’d be ready to a brew a plan with you 😛

  • Isha

    wtf! Instead u shud have took a cab and told cabwala to wait neeche till I get money from my home! Brains..so difficult to find na 😛

  • Che


    I am not mean! Just offensive.


    I have all the rights, you have all the wrongs.


    Dear we were broke. b-r-o-k-e. End of month and just enough money to survive. Life of bachelors!


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